Cryptocurrency Acceptance as Payment Expected in 2022

In the last couple of years, digital payment adoption has accelerated at a high rate in comparison to what was experienced in the last decade. Consumers have forced businesses and banks to alter their payment practices – the giant shift from cash to cloud technology. Businesses willing to navigate the shifting landscape with suppleness will gain lots of opportunities to prosper.


The payment industry has started embracing cryptocurrencies seriously in 2021. Accepting cryptocurrency at the checkout was not a new phenomenon because Microsoft was already accepting Bitcoins, since 2014. However, it was extremely limited but the increasing consumer propaganda is igniting dealers’ interest. In a recent poll, the No.1 customer proposition was the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments.

To deposit and withdraw crypto in EU Fees for businesses/B2B, organizations can open an account with Suisse base. It is an autonomous digital asset exchange offering custodian wallets and bank-grade security.

Mainstream companies across different sectors took interest and a few even invested in blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2021. For example, AMC announced Bitcoin acceptance as a payment option. Square and PayPal are also staking on crypto payments. Tesla is accepting Dogecoins and persists to go back and for on its BTC payment acceptance. The company even holds billions in crypto asset investments.

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Several experts predict giant global corporations to jumpstart this adoption in the 2nd quarter of 2022. Amazon can create a domino effect and add credibility by accepting crypto payments. There are buzzes that Amazon is making moves in introducing its crypto.


NFTs [non-fungible tokens] are a novel technology that entered the mainstream with a bang in 2021. It represents ownership of irreplaceable intangible things. Big companies and celebrities ranging from Gucci to American Express have shown their interest.

Decentral and virtual world in Metaverse allows players to invest, participate, and enter content creation using Mana tokens. Mana is ERC-20 token, which is available on decentralized exchanges and main exchanges.  Suissebase can be used to store crypto and earn interest because it is not just an exchange but also a digital banking facility.

There is an announcement of one-on-one video chatting apps fixated on the English-speaking market – Doge Chat & Doggett by Hello Pal International Inc. Calls will be charged on a per-minute basis as well as paid by the call initiator to the receiver. Doggett payments will be made in fiat currencies, while Doge chat charges will be in cryptocurrencies. The company founder expects these apps to bring new users from different markets into their existing ecosystem.

There are hundreds of digital currency types that use blockchain technology. Bitcoin is the first crypto and has experienced extreme dips and ups. It has grabbed the attention of the young generation not just for trading but even for innovation. The Crypto market is still in its infancy stage but is dominated by crypto-native firms like Galaxy Digital, Genesis Global Trading, and GSR.


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