Aircon Installation Buying Guide

In Singapore, Aircon installation can be a taxing process. It is a huge investment and will stay with you for an average of five years. So, you need to choose a good aircon brand. You also need to understand the difference between must-haves and nice features.

Aircon jargons

Aircon Installation Buying Guide

  • BTUs or British Thermal Units – It measures cooling capacity. High BTU = Powerful cooling capacity. Big rooms need units with large BTU.
  • Refrigerant – It is a working fluid essential for the heat removal process that changes from gas to liquid and vice versa. In Singapore, R410A is used commonly and is eco-friendly and efficient.
  • EER or energy efficiency rating – It measures BTU generated by aircon with 1W energy/hour. The legal minimum in Singapore is 10. High EER = more savings but high initial cost.
  • Inverter – Inverter aircon is equipped with a speed compressor. As soon as the desired temperature is attained the speed is reduced. It can save 30% to 50% of energy in comparison to non-inverter AC.
  • Fan Coil Unit [FCU] or indoor unit – It is installed inside the house.
  • CDU or outdoor condensing unit – It is a unit mounted outdoor and confused to be a compressor.
  • Compressor – It is a key component in-built into the outdoor condensing unit.
  • Multi-split system – The system has a single outdoor unit or 2,3 or 4 indoor units,
  • Single split system – It has one indoor and one outdoor unit.
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Different types of aircon available in Singapore

Couple Using Air Conditioner

Generally, multi-split systems are seen in Singapore residences but there are other types used.

  • Casement aircon – It is the cheapest room air conditioner without any piping needed during installation. It lasts for 10 years with proper maintenance and use.
  • Portable aircon – It is a suitable option for tenants living in rental homes. It is portable and transferred from one room to another. The drawback is that the cooling capacity is not similar to other conditioner types. It even occupies floor space.
  • Inverter single split system – These are not window units but need professional technicians to install both outdoor and indoor units. No need to block the light entering the room from the window. It can be installed high on the wall near the ceiling.
  • Inverter multi-split system – It is a cost-efficient option that can connect 2 to 5 indoor units to a single outdoor unit. It’s upfront and the installation cost is more but can save you a lot down the road.

When you visit Lets Cool Aircon services it is wise to read the aircon installation guide to understand how to choose an ideal unit. There are some things to consider.

Aircon installation 

  • The number of rooms and amount of space to choose the type of air conditioner.
  • Area size you plan to cool for determining BTU rating.
  • Noise levels.
  • Energy efficiency means higher ticks = less power consumption. It ranges from 1 to 5 ticks.

Nice to have features

  • Programmer timer
  • Slide-out filter
  • Dirty filer indicator
  • Air purifying function
  • Motion detector sensors
  • Wi-Fi enabled

With a better knowledge of aircon units, you can plan to go shopping and make an informed decision!

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