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PropTradeTech Pty Ltd – Technical and Psychological Aspects Affecting Average Trader Annual Returns

The average trader’s annual return from a prop trading platform can vary widely. It depends on many aspects like – Trader’s skill level Risk tolerance Trading strategy Market conditions Resources [the prop trade firm offers] Trading is inherently risky, and not every trader will achieve positive returns. Many traders may experience losses as well. PropTradeTech […]

Inevitable Top Web Design Trends In 2023

Web design trends reflect the current expectations and preferences of users. By following these trends, you ensure that your website meets the expectations of visitors, providing them with a familiar and intuitive user experience. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated existing trends in web design and highlighted the importance of adaptability, accessibility, and user-centered experiences. Web designers […]

Do You Know What is Personalized HR?

Personalized HR is a term that has gained popularity in recent years. It refers to the practice of tailoring HR practices and policies to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual employees. This approach is also recognized in iBAN Online that considers employees are unique individuals with different needs and priorities, and aims to […]

Do You Know Why It Is Important to Empower Your Employees?

Empowerment is the process of giving employees the authority, resources, and autonomy to make decisions and take action to accomplish their goals. Empowered employees feel trusted, respected, and valued, which can lead to improved job satisfaction, motivation, and productivity. SundayMarketplace is a well-known company, which most of you must be aware of. In this company, […]

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