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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding SFX Makeup vs. Prosthetic Makeup

The world of makeup artistry is vast and multifaceted, offering many creative possibilities. Special Effects Makeup (SFX) and Prosthetic Makeup are two captivating subfields in the makeup artistry. Both have gained popularity in the film, television, and entertainment industries. Niall O’Riordan FX has sharpened his skills in this transformative art. He has transformed artists into ethereal […]

The Proper Way to Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential for skin protection against detrimental ultraviolet rays. UV rays are responsible for early aging signs, brown spots, tanning, acne, sunburns, and skin cancer. Unfortunately, many adults are confused about which SPF rating to choose, how much sunscreen to apply or how frequently to reapply, etc. How should I choose the Correct SPF? […]

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