Tips & Tricks to Clean & Care for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are the focal point of almost every kitchen, so when they are dirty everyone will notice. Food splatters, watermarks & fingerprints are the main culprits. The tougher stains can build up over time. Fortunately, you have come to the right place, as there are many easy tips & tricks to learn how to clean kitchen cabinets.

We will take you through our time-saving cleaning schedules that alternate between spot cleans & deep cleans. Then we will walk you through the best way to clean kitchen cabinets tailored to individual cabinet types after all, what works on glass cabinets might not work on painted cabinets.

Before you begin, we assure you to read through the steps & make sure you have all the necessary cleaning supplies in hand. For maximum expediency, we used common cleaning agents such as vinegar & baking soda, but still, it’s a good idea to look & double-check your pantry.

When should you Clean your Kitchen Cabinets?

Clean your Kitchen Cabinets

To save time & energy we recommend two-part cabinet cleaning:

  • Weekly:

The best way is to keep a weekly spot treatment for your kitchen cabinets. Just spray multi-purpose cleaner on a microfiber cloth & wipe away fingerprints, spatters, & other marks. Make sure to disinfect the hardware too.

  • Seasonal:

Give your cabinets a deep-clean three or four times a year. To do so, empty the cabinets & keep all the contents outside. Dab a microfiber cloth with a mild cleanser & wipe down the shelves, the inside & outside of the door. Use a clean toothbrush to treat the corners & small cervices. Do let the cabinet inside dry before restocking the pile.

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Common Cabinet Stains & how to remove them

Common Cabinet Stains

  • Fingerprints

Your cabinets doors can look nasty due to the greasy fingers you used to open & close them while you were preparing for lunch. Use vinegar to remove them.

  • Grease

Cabinets are more prone to greasy stains. But cleaning them is not much difficult. Just dampen a cloth in diluted vinegar & repeat the rubbing several times until you find a clean patch of the cabinet.

  • Food splatters

Maybe a glass of milk spilled from the countertop or a squirt of ketchup landed on the wrong spot. Remove the stains as soon as possible before cleaning the kitchen using baking soda. Especially if you are working with a porous material, like wood, don’t give a chance to the stains to sit & set in. as soon as you notice it, remove it with a damp cloth. Then apply a paste of baking soda & water to the spot. Let it sit for a while, wipe it off & polish the area with a clean cloth

  • Water Stains

If you use hard water, water stains on the cabinets will be obvious. The best way to clean them is to switch the water. The remedy is to use distilled water whenever cleaning the cabinets.

  • Scuffs

Scuffs, caused by shoes, tables, chairs & other furniture in the kitchen with a soft eraser. Gently rub the eraser along the mark, then wipe away the residue with a clean cloth.

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How to Clean Painted Cabinets

Clean Painted Cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets can be found in every next kitchen. They are easy to make & easy to enhance in any model or color. But like any other paint job, they also need maintenance. Follow these steps to make them look the best:

  • For an easy budget-friendly spot cleaner, mix one-part water & two parts of baking soda. Dab the paste onto the stain, let it sit for few minutes. Wipe it off & buff out the residue with a clean cloth.
  • Two clean greases over the RTA kitchen cabinets, use a cloth dampened into diluted ammonia. Gently wipe the cabinet until the stain is removed.
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How to Clean Wood Cabinets

Clean Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets come in very different & many finishes with a variety of different seals. So it is tough to determine the best way to clean them. For the safer side, stick with gentle cleaners. You can follow these tips also:

  • Use oil soap to clean & shine your cabinets. This non-abrasive solution will make your cabinets look new without any damage.
  • Always use damped, not soaked, cloths when cleaning wood cabinets
  • Use a dry microfiber cloth to buff & polish the wood.

How to Clean Glass Cabinets

Clean Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets are easy to clean. Make sure you choose an agent that does not harm the other material used besides the glass in the cabinets.

  • Use a glass cleaner & a polishing cloth to remove fingerprints & other marks from the glass panes.
  • Always clean the glass cabinet from inside too.
  • Avoid oil-based cleaners. They can leave streaks or residue over the glass or side material.

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