Drug abuse definition causes and categories

Drug abuse definition causes and categories 4

ADDICTION means when you can’t STOP…..

Addiction makes life very difficult. Youth is the strength of any nation but unfortunately, the word addiction is associated with youth only. Substances like alcohol, nicotine, heroin, other illegal drugs, etc can also be considered as drugs. These are the drugs used by our young generation frequently. It is a disorder also called drug addiction that can affect an individual’s mind and behavior. An addicted person is unable to control the excessive use of drugs or medication.

Illegal Drug abuse, prescription drugs, or if you are taking it directly from the drug counter, any drugs you are taking in excessive amounts can cause your addiction. Alcohol is used in medicine can also lead to drug addiction if you are not consuming it in a controlled manner. Work-related issues can be seen with an addicted person. His social image can hamper.

Drug abuse definition causes and categories 1

Quite possible when you start taking a drug you take it because of its test that makes you feel good how much and how often you will take you may control in the initial stage but after using for a long time it directly affects your brain and leads to an inability to control the use of a legal or illegal drug or medication.

As an individual keeps on utilizing drugs, the mind adjusts by diminishing the capacity of cells in the award circuit to answer it so, they could take a greater amount of the medication to attempt to accomplish a similar high.

Certain medications can prompt laziness and slow breathing, while others might cause a sleeping disorder, neurosis, or mental trips. Chronic medication use is related to cardiovascular, kidney, and liver infection.

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Drug abuse definition causes and categories 2

What are the causes of drug use?

Drug abuse addiction is also known as substance use disorder. Many people don’t understand what and how someone gets addicted to drugs.

Genes are also responsible for drug addiction. Culture, gender, and sometimes dental disorders may cause drug use and addiction.

An individual’s current circumstance incorporates various impacts, from loved ones to financial status and general personal satisfaction. Factors like peer pressure, physical and sexual maltreatment, and parental direction can significantly influence an individual’s probability of medication use and dependence.

Sexual or actual maltreatment, carelessness from guardians and friends, aggressive behavior at home, everything can prompt mental pressure.

People go-to medications to let off this pressure. Over the long run, this abuse of medications can turn into a habit.

The use of instruction drugs that were at first instructed to cure pain turned into fun use and became addictive.

Other psychological causes

  • Depression
  • feeling of loneliness
  • Academic pressure
  • Horrible mishaps
  • Enjoyment purposes

What are drug categories?

  • Drugs of abuse are divided into three groups and they include :
  • Depressants
  • Stimulants
  • Hallucinogens


Drug abuse addiction is an illness that affects on brain and body. In other words, it is also called substance use disorder that causes unmanageable behaviors and delivers an individual incapable to control their utilization of medicine, liquor, cigarettes, or medications regardless of whether they are legitimate.

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