Excellent Investment Opportunity to Live Life King-Size At the Fabulous Linden Estate

Linden Estate located at Southampton is back in the news after the sale announcement for $69.95 million. The property is now listed on the website of Tim Davis, one of the most influential luxury estate brokers in Hampton. He is a man of high credibility with an impressive track record of more than 40 years in the business.

Many people dream of living in Southampton, New York, as it is considered as the place that is exclusive to people from high society. It is a historic village where many billionaires have invested in properties and luxury homes. After the announcement of the sale of Linden Estate in Southampton NY, many investors are keen on grabbing the deal.


Linden Estate is a heritage property with a history going back to more than 100 years. It was designed by Grosvenor Atterbury who wanted to make it a benchmark for luxury living. The place has been renovated and restored to its original glory a few years back and is now available for sale for $69.95 million.

As the price clearly suggests, it is not any ordinary estate. It is the kind of place that has the legacy of a polished luxury lifestyle. The huge mansion at the estate has a build-up area of 18,000-square-foot. The historic architecture of the place and the lush green surroundings makes it one of the most desirable estates that are available today.

Lines of Linden trees and gardens add to the magical touch of the place. The mansion has some of the most beautifully handcrafted French doors with leaded glass. There are many fireplaces with Victorian-style interiors. The enchanting grand entrance hall and 9 spacious master bedrooms speak of regal living, which has truly impressed hundreds of guests in the past.

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The private paradise also has a lovely swimming pool enclosed inside the glass building. The pool itself is one of a kind with a waterfall and slide. The pool can also be viewed from the garden area because of the glass walls. There is another outdoor pool with a sitting area and lovely landscaping.

Right outside the indoor swimming pool is a full-sized tennis grass court. The lawn and the gardens are trimmed and well maintained to look like vintage Victorian estates. It is the kind of place that many people can only dream of, but now it opens up an investment opportunity for high-end investors.

Right in the middle of the expansive lawn and trees is a huge water fountain with a round-shaped pool. The place looks truly magical after the lights are switched on in the evenings.

With 12 fully equipped bathrooms and 3 other smaller ones, the place is ideal for hosting a lot of guests. The paneled library at the estate is another masterpiece that never fails to mesmerize visitors. The place also has spacious staff quarters which can easily accommodate all the employees working at the estate.

Interested buyers can get in touch with Tim Davis to discuss the place. It is an investment opportunity that has the potential of yielding great returns.

Linden Estate in Southampton NY

160 Ox Pasture Road, Southampton, NY

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Contact Details –

Tim Davis

Hamptons Luxury Real Estate Market Leader

24 Main Street Southampton, NY 11968




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