Great Tips To Create Exceptional Ecommerce Web Design

The eCommerce website is a replica of the mall, where the first impression plays a huge role. In a mall, an appealing window display influences potential buyers to enter the shop. Cluttered and disorganized stores discourage potential buyers from walking inside, which is a loss.

Ecommerce Web Design

An eCommerce website differs from regular sites. There are extra features like site architecture & design, payment options, page load speed, SSL configuration, Photography, and more to consider. The platform has to support sufficient server resources or your eCommerce site can crash or slow down.

Austin web development firm Lion’s Share Digital can help to eliminate barriers that prevent consumers from buying. The professionals check how visitors flow across the website because they are aware that a moment of hesitation means a loss of customers and potential sales.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to develop a new or re-develop an existing eCommerce website. Here are some great tips that can help to create an exceptional eCommerce web design.

Keep things simple

Simple is better because more elements like banner ads or colors can take away the main goal of your eCommerce store – sales closure!

An eCommerce website does not need plenty of bells & whistles because they can only distract. Clean and simple design keeps focusing on sales.

Think like customers

Thinking like an audience allows connecting with them. A potential customer needs a well-designed, navigable, and hassle-free payment process in an eCommerce shopping experience. While designing think about a navigable layout, ways to organize products for end users, and how to simplify the checkout process.

Choose colors smartly

Ecommerce Web Design

Just because you love yellow doesn’t mean making everything yellow. Color is a crucial tool and can be leveraged. Understand color psychology because different colors stimulate different emotions, actions, and feelings. For example, red inspires excitement and passion that drives spending. Make the purchase button red to increase conversion rates. Blue increases the feeling of trust, so use blue to increase credibility.

Choose high-quality images

No one buys an unseen product. You will need to show potential buyers high-quality product images. Professional images build trust and confidence because the customer is aware of what they are buying. Low-quality images increase hesitation and conversions tank.

Make content scannable

Website visitors hardly read the product description but scan the content looking for key details. So, break content on the about us page or product description or on blog posts. Keep paragraphs concise, sentences short, and use a bullet list to break large text blocks and highlight key information.

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Choose a responsive web design

Optimize every web page for mobile users. If you ignore mobile responsiveness then you will miss 50% of potential customers. Mobile phones have outdone desktops in browsing the internet, including shopping.

Make the website look professional

Ecommerce Web Design

The eCommerce site aims to request visitors make a purchase. It is a salesperson that represents your online business. When consumers purchase on your website, you will ask for credit or debit card details. Everyone feels hesitant to do so if your site does not appear professional. A professional web design helps to build trust!

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