The Hidden Dangers of a Faulty Plumbing System at Home

You might not know it but there are a lot of dangers waiting to happen in your very home. You and your family might be subjected to horrific accidents or costly medical bills if you don’t check every inch of your residence.


In this situation, you need to be vigilant when you inspect various systems inside your house. Some common examples are the electrical components and structural elements in your home. Of course, you should check your plumbing system out too because a lot of risks can be borne from these fixtures. Here are some of the early warning signs to help you prevent any lasting harm from occurring.

The prevalence of damp and dark areas

Some people might think that those damp and dark areas inside their respective homes don’t pose a threat at all. On the contrary, those places are the perfect breeding ground for a very dangerous contaminant – mold. When this dirty substance is inhaled, one can obtain various respiratory diseases in the process.

Mold is prevalent in dark areas with little ventilation, such as those under the sink or toilet bowl. It’s better if you install a ventilation fan or a new window in these areas to prevent mold from growing. But before you do, make sure you clean and eliminate all traces of mold in these areas.

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Placing your plumbing fixtures near electrical outlets

man's hands with wrench turning off valves

Everyone knows that water and electricity don’t mix well together. When they do, the nearest person will suffer from electrocution. Better check the layout of your home if there are any electrical outlets exposed to water. If they’re near any plumbing fixture or there are leaks forming around them, you better call on a professional electrician to transfer them to a new location right away.

If you fail to do so, one of your family members, most notably a child, may come near this electrical hazard and get hurt in the process. One piece of advice that we can give is to search for a plumber near me in Google to help you arrange your plumbing fixtures inside your bathroom to ensure the safety of your house.

Using an old and worn-out water heater

Having a water heater in your bathroom can be a great help, especially during those cold mornings. This plumbing fixture allows you to have a quick and relaxing bathing experience any time of the day. But just like all components in your home, this heater might accumulate dirt inside it if proper maintenance isn’t performed.

When it has obtained a lot of dirt, there’s a chance the pressure inside might be too much for the water heater. There’s a big chance this fixture might explode. It’s better to call on professional plumbing Singapore services to check out your water heater at home and replace it, if necessary.

Not replacing rusty pipes


Plumbing pipes are the primary component that delivers water from its source to your faucets and showerheads. Over time, these pipes will certainly grow old and accumulate rust. When this happens, you might find traces of this substance in the water you’re using. Before that happens, you might need professional pipe burst repair services to check your plumbing fixtures out. In this way, you can have one or several of them replaced before they become a potential danger for you and your family.

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