Top 10 trending foods in the food and beverage industry


What does the food and beverage industry have in store for us in 2019? For starters, we’ve begun to see a whole lot of fruits, vegetables, and seeds – and it’s all thanks to the vegan trend. We have also observed a rise in ethnic foods from different parts of the world.

With people becoming more and more aware of what they’re consuming, there is a healthy alternative for nearly every type of food. Can you imagine plant-based ice cream? Yes, we’ve seen it.

There are so many exciting new – and some traditional – foods trending in the food and beverage industry this year that it was difficult to put together just ten! Check out our top picks:

Tahini and hummus

  1. Tahini and hummus

This middle eastern delight has been taking the markets by storm. Tahini is used to make hummus but can also be used alone or in other snacks. Although it is merely a snack food, hummus has immense nutritional benefits. It has a creamy, rich texture and is made mainly from chickpeas.

Some foodies have even begun to term Tahini as good as almond butter. They use it as a spread, dip, and sometimes in desserts. Hummus is also being used in various dessert dishes in combination with peanut butter, cookies, and cocoa.

Sri Lankan food

  1. Sri Lankan food

As we’ve seen, food from so many different countries has found its way all around the globe. One of the most popular types of ethnic food is Sri Lankan which includes a wide variety such as fried vegetables, bowl-shaped rice, eggs, shredded roti, curry, and coconut relish.

Previously, Indian food was also on top with Sri Lankan but now they both have quite the distinction. Sri Lankan food has been trending and forming its own identity.

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Sea vegetables

Sea vegetables have successfully made their way from the ocean to household shelves. But what exactly is included in sea vegetables?

These vegetables might be seaweed, water lily seeds, kelp and they are highly nutritious additions in the diet.

You can expect to find seaweed-based food such as seaweed chips or perhaps a type of dried kelp called “kombu” or kelp noodles. Kelp has caught quite the attention in the sea vegetable market and we’re expecting to see much more.

Some different types of seaweed are spirulina, chlorella, and nori which are used to make sushi.

These foods are perfect for health-conscious individuals since they are high in protein and are beneficial for the gut. Sea vegetables also contain various trace minerals.

Specialty ice creams

  1. Specialty ice creams

Some innovative types of ice creams have come up – and we’re not talking about flavors. These ice creams are crafted using different bases such as hummus, coconut water, tahini, or avocado.

These plant-based frozen treats are entirely suitable for vegans and basically anyone who wants something new in their dessert. The ice creams also feature distinct add-ons such as cheese and other specialties that are high in protein.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are a growing food trend and are thought to be controversial because of their relationship with the cannabis plant. However, hemp seeds are a completely different variety of plants and they have only traces of the active marijuana compound, THC.

These seeds are actually very beneficial for health because they are full of nutrients that are good for the heart. They contain fiber, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids.

Hemp seeds are the perfect option for those who want a plant-based protein intake. You can use them to make salads, smoothies, or oatmeal. They are a great food choice in 2019, and we have also noticed hemp-based products getting plenty of attention this year.

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Bean-based pasta

  1. Bean-based pasta

People who love eating pasta but are concerned about not getting nutrients can opt for bean-based pasta instead. Bean-based pasta is gaining popularity for a legitimate reason – it is a great source of protein and fiber and makes a solid, delicious meal.

Bean-based pasta is very beneficial for kids as well. It keeps them healthy and satisfied after their meal.

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Muesli has originated from Europe but is gaining popularity around the globe because it is quite healthy. This food consists of a combination of things such as whole grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. All you need to do is add hot water and you have one of the healthiest breakfasts to start your day right.

Muesli is trending not only for its health benefits but most probably because it is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. It packs a whole lot of fiber and protein and contains only a tiny amount of sugar. You get to have a nutritious, energetic breakfast that is also tasty and very easy to prepare.


  1. Romanesco

Romanesco is an interesting vegetable that resembles cauliflower and broccoli. It seems to be jumping onto menus and recipes quickly even though it has a strange shape. You can use this vegetable just like any other of its types. The Romanesco veggie is filled with nutrients too.

Romanesco is yellow to green in color and slightly crunchier than cauliflower after being cooked. If you’re looking for a nice change from ordinary vegetables, then this is a wonderful option.


Fermentation has gained a lot of hype in the food and beverage industry this year, but mostly with yogurts, kimchi, or kefir. Sauerkraut is another great option that has started to show up and some people find it to be absolutely delicious.

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Sauerkraut is very easy to create at home and it has a few interesting benefits too. It is great for the gut because of its concentration of beneficial bacteria.

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This food is perfect for those who want something with healthy value but low flavor. You can eat it as a snack or put it in sandwiches as well. Either way, Sauerkraut will is sure to be on the rise for fermented food lovers.

Lamb meat

  1. Lamb meat

This year is the perfect time to incorporate some new meat to your food list. Lamb is an exceptional source of protein and of course, it’s delicious. Even when we are noticing a huge leap for vegan foods, there are still wonderful options for those searching for meat.

Dieticians explain that lamb meat contains a whole lot of vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial to our health. These vitamins and minerals include vitamin B12, iron, niacin, selenium, zinc, and riboflavin.

This meat alternative might not be as popular as others because it is more expensive than other meat such as beef. However, it has gained status because lamb and sheep are usually grass-fed and pasture-raised, making it a reasonable alternative.


There are a lot of new trends in food in 2019 such as fermentation and plant-based alternatives. People have come up with various innovative foods that have left our taste buds amazed.

We have seen many new and old foods that are storming the food and beverage industry this year. Tahini, hummus, sea vegetables, hemp seeds, muesli, bean-based pasta, and Romanesco are some wonderful vegan options. There are lamb meat and certain meat-based Sri Lankan foods for the meat-lovers as well.

Whatever your food preferences are, you will be sure to find food that you’ll fall in love with this year.

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