Full Mouth Restoration Procedure – An Overview on The Topic

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Poor dental care is visible and will make you shy away from smiling. Many kinds of oral issues such as damaged teeth, crooked or chipped teeth, etc., will automatically lead to some long-term issues over time if care is not given to your teeth at the right time. This is when full mouth restoration option is an ideal solution.

Dr. Hekmat is an expert in all kinds of dental care. This dentist in Rancho Bernardo has years of experience in handling all kinds of dental issues, and offers a full mouth restoration option as well. You can visit Hekmat Dental Care to learn more about their services and also to book an appointment.

Full Mouth Restoration Procedures

Here are some of the many dental procedures that are combined to form a full-mouth restoration option.

  • Invasive procedures for restoring full mouth functioning. This includes handling the lost or damaged tooth.
  • Crown procedure to repair the chipped broken, and cracked tooth.
  • Implants and dentures to replace the teeth that have fallen out because of some accidents.
  • Installations of veneers, bridges, inlays, and onlays.

Full Mouth Restoration Procedure – An Overview on The Topic 3

Who needs this procedure?

Many people choose the full-mouth restoration option to get every dental issue rectified from the root. It covers many things in it, and hence the full restoration procedure of dental care is suggested for people even with a single missing tooth. Some of the additional issues such as missing teeth, decaying teeth, etc., can be handled in full mouth restoration technique, and hence people with all such issues can choose this technique.

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Almost all Rancho Bernardo dental care services offer this full mouth restoration procedure in their list of dental care facilities. Discuss with the dentists to know more.

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Full Mouth Restoration Procedure – An Overview on The Topic 1

How the procedure works?

The procedure is not the same for everyone. The full mouth restoration technique and step-by-step procedure will be followed based on many factors, and your dentist will decide how to carry on with it.

  • Teeth 

The condition of your teeth will allow dentists in the Rancho Bernardo dentistry services to determine the best way of addressing many dental issues such as damaged, chipped, crooked, or even fallen teeth, and so on. They will come up with the best prosthetics such as inlays, onlays, bridges, full-coverage crowns, dentures, dental implants, and so on. This even includes the teeth alignment procedure.

  • Gum tissue 

The periodontal tissue, also known as the gum tissue will suffer from some damages, and they will require scaling or even root planning options. The focus here is to remove plaque from the gum layers so that new teeth can be attached to them.

Recovery suggestions

The suggested tips during the recovery after full-mouth restoration technique varies from one patient to another according to the best dentist Poway. Here are some for you.

  • Get as much rest as possible
  • Follow the idea of keeping an ice pack on the location
  • Take medications regularly
  • Eat healthily
  • Hydrate

Do not forget to keep up with the follow-up procedures after your full mouth restoration procedure.

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