How to Look Good in all Picture and Tips for Better Social Media Photos

Nowadays everyone’s taking pictures or videos or snaps so why not learn to look your best in front of the camera. I have six tips that will make your life easier when you’re trying to get that new tinder profile picture and don’t lie. We’ve all been there by the way these tips are for men and women to get the best of great social media pictures.

Tip No 1

The biggest one yet lighting you can look like a supermodel be really, fit and have a great camera but if the lighting isn’t good then you’re doing it wrong. A little tip, I use when taking pictures is moving my phone in a full circle from side to side and looking for the best direction to take the picture, try to find a direction that will soften the shadows on your face if you’re indoors open.

Better Social Media Photos

The blinds and face of the window will automatically make you look a hundred times better, it makes your skin look better your hair and it gets rid of any dark circles under your eyes. If you don’t have windows get one of these portable ring lights or one of those phone cases that light up and trust me they make a huge difference especially when you’re out at night trying to take pictures.

If you’re outside trying not to take pictures right under direct sunlight, it’s usually too bright and creates a lot of harsh lines on your face. Instead, look for shade or try to take pictures when it’s overcast that way the lighting is much nicer and softer on your skin.

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Tip No 2

The second tip take lots of pictures having options is a great thing and when I shoot photos on my Instagram for example, I take about four to five hundred pictures and end up using maybe ten of them. If you’re taking selfies for example, just move your head and your chin up and down, side to side to make sure you’re giving yourself some options also.

You know when you ask someone to take a picture of you and they take this horrible picture and give you back, we’ll ask them to take a bunch. It takes ten seconds to take ten pictures or more and it gives you more chances of getting a good one, then of course just make sure to pay it forward by taking a lot of pictures.

Tip No 3

Social Media

If somebody asks you for photos tip number three make sure your clothes are on point and there are a few tricks to making your clothes look better in pictures, for example, today’s sponsor is fashion anchor and I use it all the time when I’m out taking my pictures there, these fabrics safe glue dots that will help you keep your clothes.

However, you want for example I like to roll up my sleeves but some of them are really stubborn so I just flew one of these guys right here and press it to get it done. That way I can focus on my pose or face your expression. When I’m taking my pictures and not having to worry about my clothes. You can also use them on your collar if you are in a button-up shirt that keeps your collar from getting messed up and ruining. Your perfect picture another example is, if you want to unbutton your shirt I think that the last button is a little bit too much then you can use.

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Smashing anchor is so good in between buttons and shows just exactly what you want by the way these come off really easy and their fabric-safe so they won’t mess up your clothes or leave any residues at all. Don’t use regular glue guys you will definitely ruin your clothes, that way this product is made for this so go check out the fashion anchor command then use the discount code Kosta five for five dollars off your first order. When I’m on location taking pictures I also always bring one of these spray water bottles, it works really well to get wrinkles out of your shirt.

On the go all you do is spray it a couple of times obviously, don’t get it too wet you don’t want it to be soaked and you’re good wrinkle-free and picture-ready.

Tip No 4


Tip number four find inspiration, inspirations everywhere and the easiest way for me is to save pictures that I see on Instagram or online, then I can go back and see which ones are the style that would work for me. I think of it as a mood board but be careful not to copy somebody else’s picture you want to be inspired by it, but get your own to show your own personality.

Better Social Media Photos

Tip No 5

Tip number five find the right background. I recommend something less busy if there’s a lot going on with cars and people walking around it takes away from the main focus of the picture which is usually you ideally want a cool background. This one because it looks cool with less busy and it’s easier to control the outcome of the picture. Go better check here for this type of issue. When there are no people or cars moving around you the right background can make your picture look so much better, so just have a fun walk around and pick a good spot.

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Tip No 6

Tip number six body posture and facial expressions, let me just say that this usually takes some time in practice so just be a little bit patient. At first basically what you want to do is practice in front of a mirror and try to find your best angle, is it your right or left side, is it chin down or chin up, smiling or smirking it’s a little weird at first but it works to practice and you will find that your face will just look better.

In certain angles as for body posture, you need to make sure you’re not slumped especially if you’re trying to look taller if you short try that fake walk or extend your legs to give that illusion of heights and links that will make it look ten times better in every picture. Again you need to practice seein what works best for your body to take a bunch of photos and see what looks good and then practice those poses even more.

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