Good Reasons To Consider Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is not a new concept but collaborative divorce is. It is an approach that can get the process done cooperatively and in an efficient manner. In certain situations, it is the best solution. It is a different method when compared to the regular divorce process.

collaborative divorce

Going through a divorce is a sinking and dreadful situation not just for the involved couples but even their families and friends. The process commonly involves adversity, fighting, and pomposity. It is unpleasant but collaborative divorce allows for settling peacefully.

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Just like the regular divorce process, there are lawyers representing both sides involved. Besides the lawyer, there will be professionals like a parenting psychologist, CPA, estate valuator, and financial advisor.

Reasons why the collaborative approach is friendly

  • The separating couples voluntarily share information instead of finding it via an investigative process.
  • Both meet with their lawyers and the professional team, whenever necessary to negotiate the asset and debt allocation as well as child support & custody details.
  • Formal court hearings and discovery process is skipped. The discussion stays focused on the issues. No time is spent in arguments but spent in sharing facts and documents voluntarily. It allows moving toward the goal of reaching a final settlement.

collaborative approach

Collaborative divorce is great for couples owning a business. In the traditional divorce process, ownership of a business makes the case too complicated. There are piles of paperwork involved and is time-consuming. In collaborative divorce, the separating couples along with their lawyers work with professionals. The financial and operational obligations associated with the business are discussed. Explaining the business intricacies can help to arrive at an equitable and fair solution for keeping business undamaged.

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  • It works great in handling child custody because parenting experts are involved. It is comfortable to consider the child’s specific needs in a non-threatening environment. Everyone can concentrate on the most crucial aspects, which is impossible in courtrooms.
  • In divorce cases where a large estate or other assets are involved collaborative approach helps. It works great with couples concerned about the unfair allocation of financial assets and debt repayments. Such situations are paperwork intensive. With professional advisors, everyone can receive a clear picture and work towards a settlement.
  • If at some point, the couples feel that the collaborative process is not suitable they can choose to file a lawsuit and pursue a regular divorce. Nevertheless, both parties will need to look for new attorneys. In Texas, when a collaborative divorce attorney is retained, they are allowed representation only in a collaborative manner.

collaborative divorce

There are good reasons to hire a collaborative divorce attorney. However, every case is not suitable because some may not need expert participation. Their situations may be simple and the regular divorce lawyer will be able to handle it. Domestic violence-involved cases are also unsuitable for a collaborative approach because it does not involve restraining orders via temporary court hearings.

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