Green Card Lottery and Point Based System

I am sure we are all aware of the trending news about the new immigration system (RAISE ACT). The Raise act new immigration overhaul bill that was authored by the Republican sens was supported by Donald Trump.

This new system makes use of a grading system to give put visas.

In this article, we will be looking at the US green card and the proposed system.

Green Card Lottery

Firstly before choosing which immigration system that is better, we need to have an insight of both immigration system (The US green card and the new merit-based system).

The green card system

The green card system unlike the proposed merit-based system is the official card that will be issued to foreign nationals to grant them the opportunity to work, line, and also permanent residency in the United States.

To get a green card, education, age, skill, and other factors are not the basic requirement. Some green cards come with employment opportunities.

The merit-based system

The Raise act merit-based visa system is a visa system that would give out green cards based on the assessment of an Aliens Education, work history, skill, knowledge of the English language, business activities, community service, ties to the United States, and also a country of nationality. In simple terms, the merit-based system will only give out visas based on your holistic rating. Another fact about the proposed merit-based system is that when it kicks off it will start with just 120,000 visas per year but would grow to about 250,000 visas per year depending on visas demand.

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The merit-based system would be divided into two tiers, the first tier for the high-skilled workers and the second tier for the low-skilled.

The proposed fee for the merit-based visa system would be around $500.To get a visa via the proposed merit-based sister you will need to have acquired points based on the factors stated above. Only applicants that have the highest overall points would be given the permanent card.

Let’s have a snapshot view of the grading system for those at the first tier level.


Under this category, the maximum point is 100

  • Education

PhD: 15points, Masters: 10points and Degree: 5 points.

  • Age

Aliens between 18-24years: 8 points, 25-32years 6points, 33-37years: 4points. There will be no point for aliens above the age of 37years.

  • Country of Origin

Aliens from countries who have not sent more than 50000 lawful permanent residents would get 5points. However, countries that have sent more than 50000 lawful permanent residents would be graded based on nationals of their respective country based on the proposed bill.

  • Entrepreneurship

Alien entrepreneurs who have 2 entrepreneurial skills in either the job zine 4/5 will receive 10points.

  • Civic Involvement

Aliens that possess significant amounts of community service are likely to get points

Other criteria are also used in the grading of the merit-based visa system.

Looking at the merit-based system we can conclude that the system is not favorable because it’s unlikely to see a Ph.D. holder with an entrepreneurial skill who will be under the age of 25.

The new system also proposed that those with years of work experience, job zone 5/4 occupations, those that have been employed in education-related fields get more points. All this won’t favor those below the age range of 30 years. While the people of the higher range get higher points here those of lower age range gets more point on that age basis.

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In conclusion, the US Green card is far better as it bridges the gap between the dynamism that the proposed merit-based system may cause.

If this bill passes, the merit-based visa will be a major change to the immigration system utilized in the United States.

Note: All details provided about the merit-based system are yet to be enacted. So it’s definitely hard to say if the bill will pass because of the vote required to pass the bill.

If you have qualified for any visa on the current immigration laws, it’s better you go forward with it rather than delay it till the proposed law comes in place. It’s also advisable you get your green card as soon as possible. This year’s green card lottery program called the DV -2019 is also still on to. Individuals worldwide have the basic requirement. You can apply online at

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