Some of The Historical Places Worth Visiting in Spain

Some of The Historical Places Worth Visiting in Spain

Spain, well-known for its Roman culture, was the birthplace of some of the most important Roman emperors like Trajan, Theodosius I, and Hadrian.

With so much of a rich history, some spectacular sites are worth seeing such as the Lugo Roman walls, Belchite, and the most admirable La Sangrada Familia.

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Here we have listed some of the most-worthy historical places in Spain:

Cordoba Roman Bridge:

The Roman bridge of Cordoba was constructed in the 1st century BC and is the better version of any other bridge when it comes to its beauty and sturdiness.

It is 247 meters in length and 9 meters in width, having around 16 different arches supported by semi-cylindrical buttresses. It has also played a very important role in the Cordoba battle.

Alhambra and Albaicin in Granada:

This place of Alhambra has a most beautiful Moorish-Christian palace with a rose-colored wall. On the northern side of this palace wall, you will find the enhancing water gardens of Generalife.

For a much better view of this place, you can walk towards the adjacent hilltop of the Albaicin district. The streets are all contemporary types with traditional houses.

Some of The Historical Places Worth Visiting in Spain (2)

Seville Cathedral:

The Seville Cathedral is so huge that it is said to stand 3rd biggest amongst others. It is huge, with around 11,520 square meters of area, and is made with a Gothic and Renaissance style.

The interiors are so beautiful, with golden interiors and a forty-meter-high nave in the middle. The most famous Christopher Columbus tomb is also one of the major attractions here.

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Toledo was Spain’s old capital city. It is well known for being in UNESCO World Heritage Sites to its known reasons. It has the most beautiful Gothic Chapel of San Bartolome and the famous military museum of Alcazar.

You will also see the ancient stone bridge called the Puerto de Alfonso. The architectural beauty has a mix of all three religions Catholic, Islam, and Judaism.

El Escorial:

This was built between the years 1563 and 1567 by Juan Bautista de Toledo (a Spanish architect from Rome). This resembles the victory of Rome over France in the battle of St. Quentin.

At the central part of this place is the Basilica which has many tourist attractions like the Carrara marble statues and famous paintings of El Greco.

Santiago de Compostela Old Town:

This one is a Catholic pilgrimage that has a history with the Moorish invasion of Spain. It was earlier under the control of Muslim rulers till the end of the 10th century and was later rebuilt in the Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque architectural styles.

The most glorious monuments can be seen at the Cathedral of St. James, which has the most famous Roman-style main gate called the “Portico of Glory”.

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