How To Get Your Home Looking Like A Showroom Property

home looking like a showroom property

Looking to put your house on the market and move onto a better area? Perhaps you’re a landlord looking to make your property more attractive to tenants. If so, take a look at this prospective guide on some easy ways to get your home looking like a showroom property.

Tidy the clutter

One of the main reasons that showrooms and newly build homes look so pristine and untouched is because they’re, well, pristine and untouched. It can be nigh on impossible to get your home looking like it hasn’t been ‘lived-in’, as you’ll have much more things lying around than in a proof-of-concept room, but try to take some time to sort through what’s imperative and needed, and what you can throw out if unused. You could even try and sell unnecessary clothes, toys, and furniture online, and use any profits raised to put towards further renovations.

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If you’re struggling to part with items that have sentimental value, or your children refuse to get rid of their old broken toys, remember that you can always fall back on the tried and tested ‘stuff everything in the cupboard’ method. You know what they say: Out of sight, out of mind.

A fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint

Once you’ve got a lot of the clutter out of the way, you may start to notice some of the paintworks, walls, and surfaces are perhaps looking a little worn down and shabby. Showroom properties and brand-new apartments evidently won’t show the wear scars of drink spill stains from late-night house parties or infant crayon rampages, and so the décor shines a little bit brighter. By reapplying the colors you originally had in mind, or even opting for some more vivid, glossy color types, you can once again match what the showroom has to offer.

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First impressions count

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but first impressions matter and people looking into your home from the outside will often make an initial judgment, which can then have a knock-on effect on their overall thoughts on the property. Take into consideration your property’s ‘curb appeal, and what steps you can take to make it look more picturesque. Often scrubbing or jet washing the paving, and a little gardening will make the world of difference.

Take inspiration from contemporary designs

inspiration from contemporary designs

When trying to modernize your home and get it looking sleek and stylish, you should take a look at what interior design trends are flourishing at the moment, and see if any appeal to you. Adopting the minimalist attitude with regard to your design is a brilliant tactic, as not only will it prove popular among potential tenants, but the lack of overt furniture and emphasis on space can also help you to save some money.

New build properties, such as the ones offered by RW Invest in Manchester and Liverpool, utilize these designs to maximize efficient space in the city center. This proves popular with the young professional wanting a simple living arrangement, and so it could also make your property more of a draw.

Why does it matter?

home looking like a showroom

Studies have shown that young people and students, on average, much prefer to have a new build home, both for understandable aesthetic/design reasons, and to avoid complication. Moving into a new build apartment after agreeing on a certain date, despite the possibility of coming with some construction delays, are free from a history of problems, and is less likely to have issues such as breakdowns and leaks in the near future.

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Landlords and homeowners looking to sell might not be able to offer that complete package, but by refreshing some of their property’s looks and adding in some accouterments, they can emulate that ‘new’ vibe and feel. Additionally, some would dispute that newly build homes can have the same sorts of niggling issues pop up as existing properties, and so it’s up to you as the seller, to be honest with your potential tenant with the issues your home might present in time.

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