How Is the Custody of Your Kid Be Affected If You Are Living with Your Current Partner?

child custody

It is very important that you need to understand certain things while you are fighting for your child’s custody. A judge will never know how you are leading your current life until your ex wants to bring the details to him. If this includes living with your current partner, then this can definitely work against you.

One simple solution to this is that whenever you and your spouse are fighting for child custodyyou cannot live with any other partner at least till your court makes a decision. This is because the child’s living arrangement is very important when the court has to decide the child’s custody on the basis of the best interest of the kid.

It is not always that the judge will deny the custody of the kid, only because one partner is living with someone else who is also happy to take up the child’s custody. However, if your former spouse is likely to make an issue out of it then you need to consult your attorney for the same.

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What are the different types of child custody?

child custody

There are mainly two types of custody physical and legal custody. Physical custody simply means allowing the child to live with you while legal custody means taking important decisions of the child’s upbringing.

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Custody doesn’t mean the same as child support. So, when one parent has physical custody of the kid and the other just has visitation rights, it simply means that the parent with visitation rights needs to provide some support to the other parent.

There is also joint custody where the parents can plan jointly for their children’s future. Both can decide about the well-being of the kid like his education, his schedules and desires, and so on. This is the best option for parents who communicate well and are equally dedicated to bringing up their kids well.

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What is the best interest of the child?

Parents fighting in front of a child

In every state, the child’s best interest will always be the base issue when the court wants to decide upon the child custody and the visitation issues. It simply means that the judge will look upon all the factors before he decides who will provide a better home for the kid. Often it is said that mothers are preferred for custody when there are younger kids, but in today’s world, there is nothing like this in the favor of women. Today men also get custody.

Remember, just because you have an adultery life like smoking marijuana or being involved in any anti-social conduct doesn’t really mean you will lose the case. Also, if one parent is earning more than the other can also be the reason for him to win this case. The main thing is the child needs to get a stable life.

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In short, the judge will always think about the kid if his being with any of the parents can help him lead a good life.

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