Fresh & Fabulous: How to Plant in Garden Pots

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There is nothing more gorgeous than a vibrant Aussie backyard. Those beautiful banksias, delightful daisies, and glorious gums make for a typical Australian garden that is just a joyful spot to bask in the sun’s goodness!

There are so many options for gardening Down Under, including planting in the most stunning garden pots Perth has, so let’s take a look at how you can easily plant in containers to accentuate your backyard’s beauty:

Choose the ideal location

Even super durable and lightweight planters can be difficult to place when filled with plants, soil, and water, so be sure to choose a location before you go adding what you want to add to them. But the great thing about containers is their versatility, and you have so many options at your disposal when it comes to positioning them, including lining walkways as well as flanking the borders with your containers.

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Ensure your container has drainage

If your containers don’t have sufficient drainage, they will likely become waterlogged. This leads to rotting roots and untimely death, so be sure to buy containers with holes in the bottom or drill them yourself – they don’t have to be massive, just enough to drain any extra water.

Once you have done this, add a sheet of absorbent material, such as newspaper or landscape fabric, along the bottom of the container to prevent nutrients and soil from washing away when watering. Despite what others may have said, never add shards of broken rocks, stones, or pottery as these block drainage as opposed to accelerating it.

Choose the best container mix

Instead of clogging the best garden pots, Perth has with soil that often contains diseases, pests, and weeds, as well as being too dense, why not pick up some quality pre-mixed potting soil or make your own with a quality recipe you can find online? If you have chosen a bigger container, be sure to fill the first two-thirds with bagged styrofoam or plastic containers/bottles to avoid paying for incredibly expensive potting soil.

Add your plants

The wonderful thing about containers is that you have so many options when it comes to what you can plant in them! That being said, you want to go with dwarf varieties for smaller pots, but you can let your imagination do its own thing and find the best seasonal plants for the one pot (given they share soil conditions) or pick the best evergreens to live on as the years go by!

Your containers will be the center point for your home’s outdoor aesthetic, so keep them looking fantastic by regularly removing manky leaves, pruning stems, and trimming gnarly flowers.

Be sure to water & fertilize your garden

Container plants require regular watering and more than plants found on the earth, so be sure to water with a slow, steady amount whenever the soil seems a bit dry. Or, you can pick up some self-watering planters and keep the reservoir at a solid level, allowing the plants to take in all that goodness. You can also add organic mulch to provide further nutrients and retain the water they are using to flourish.

Finally, you should remember to add fertilizer every few weeks, with compost teas, fish emulsion, and kelp meal being some of the best qualities for allowing plants to flourish in containers. Just be sure to steer clear of synthetic fertilizers as these are lacking in the minerals and nutrients to help your plants thrive!

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