How To Write a Credible Fantasy Story?

To begin with, let’s discuss some possible reasons why individuals tend to practice fantasy book writing. A bright example of a fantasy story is a famous Harry Potter, which is popular among readers of different ages across the whole world. Have you ever thought about why these books are so popular?

Fantasy Story?

There are moments when our life seems to be boring and monotonous. Every day we have the same routine: we go to work, have lunch, interact with colleagues and wait for the end of the workday. Each of us tries to make life brighter and more interesting. Do you know what the primary way to apply such an important thing in practice is? You are right; there are dozens of methods that will diversify your life. One of them is to create your own perfect life without the routine and boring stuff. How can we do that? The answer is simple – you can write a credible fantasy story or hire someone to write a research paper for money.

In general, the reasons for their significant success can be explained. Firstly, it is engaging storytelling with a complex plot that moves swiftly and attracts the readers from the very first line. Secondly, the fantastical and magical world of adventures has a great effect on the readers’ imaginations. Although in most cases, the authors of fantasy books tend to appeal to children and teenagers in their writings, the majority of modern best-sellers attract the interest of adults as well. Among the most influential fantasy writers, we can find J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, and many others.

Writing a Credible Fantasy Story Step by Step

Needless to say, that creating a genuine masterpiece in the world of fictional literature is not a simple task. That is the main reason why we will discuss the writing process into four different stages – Preparation, Creating a Theme, Building a Fictional World, and Developing the Main Characters of the Book.

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It goes without saying that the process of writing is a complicated challenge that requires a lot of time and effort. It is not enough to have a catchy theme in order to create a story that will attract a big target audience. As a writer, your task is to investigate that phenomenon and develop the skills that will help you to create the masterpiece. Below we have prepared for you the essential guide that will show you the right destination while writing.

Preparation – First Stage

Write a Credible Fantasy

1. Think about your target audience.

In fact, the first and foremost step to be taken is to identify the target audience. In most cases, this issue really matters, and it can change the plot of your story dramatically. For instance, if your target audience involves children, teenagers, and young adults, your fictional characters should be younger as well.

Everybody will agree that the target audience is an essential part of the success. It is the main consumer of your product. Before you decide how you will present the main idea of the book you have to realize the age and tastes of the readers. It is undeniable that children will be not willing to read historical novels or adults to read about teenage adventures.

2. A Unique Fictional World Can Be Built of Several Short Stories.

This tip is considerably important for individuals who begin their writing careers. For instance, the editor of prominent Robert Beatty’s Serafina and the Black Cloak writes, “Do this with the intention of excluding these stories from your book, since it gives you the freedom to create a new universe with no boundaries”.

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Creating a Theme – Second Stage


1. First tip – you should plot out the story.

It is common knowledge that fantasy stories tend to have complex and epic plots. That is why you are highly recommended to create a certain plan and plot out the story at the very beginning. It is important to understand that every storyline should be introduced appropriately. Speaking about the plan, we should mention the outline. Briefly speaking, it is the frame of your text. So, do not underestimate the outline as it makes the structure of the book cohesive and coherent.

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2. Integrate the Elements of Building the Fictional World Into Your Plot.

If you want to be original, you have to integrate some elements of your fictional world into the book’s plot. For instance, such elements can be noticed in the stories of George Martin. In accordance with Alex Foster, “In A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin uses the environment as a plot point when describing both summer and winter seasons — as winter brings dark, dead things that can wipe out the entire Realm”.

3. Your Story Should Be Relevant Through Different Real-World Themes

While writing a fantasy story, you should not forget about real-world problems such as racism, politics, environment, technology, culture, and others. What is more, you should offer some innovative solutions to these issues.

Building a Fictional World – Third Stage

Credible Fantasy Story

1. Make an Attempt to use All Five Senses You Have

The most addicted fans of literature will agree that the book is the alive phenomenon that is why while reading it we should use our all five senses. What does it mean? We invoke you to enrich the plot with different types of the description of nature, the appearance of a person, and so on. Moreover, there are cases when the authors use such metaphors that help to dive into the magical world.

It is well-known fact that only specific details of your worldbuilding make your fictional universe even more bright and colorful. In his writing, Foster mentioned, “So my advice for fantasy authors is, simply: you can be as inventive and magical as you want in your work if the writing is detailed enough to seem authentic”.

2. Your Fictional World Should Have Certain Internal Rules

“Become familiar with the basics of economics, politics, philosophy, and more, and you’ll create a believable world of your own,” a proofreader of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Chersti Nieveen said.

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3. Do not Break Your Own Rules.

4. While Building Your Personal World, Ask Certain Questions.

5. Imagine that You Have the Mindset of a Great Cinematographer

Fantasy Story?

Your fictional world should not be boring and meaningless. In accordance with Young, “Instead, cinematographers carefully plan each shot to give you a view of where the actors are. This is exactly the way you should show your world”. Hence, you should not tell your readers what your world appears to be. Instead of this, you can give them amazing scenery related to the plot of a story.

Think about the Language of Your Fictional World.

In this case, it is important to mention the importance of maintaining a proper tone of a novel. Creating a special language for your fictional world is a good recommendation that will certainly attract the significant attention of your target audience. A bright example of such an interesting language can be found in Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling. Since the author created a fantasy world full of magic, it was required to create some interesting words to name various spells and invocations.

The language of writing is another key to success. When a person starts reading the first thing that she mentions is the way the book is written. We mean the used vocabulary, the manner and tone of the author, and of course the mood. Do not confuse the personal mood with the spirit of the book. Even though you are in a bad mood, you have to present your thoughts in a positive and “warm” manner.

Developing the Main Characters of the Book – Fourth Stage

Credible Fantasy Story?

1. Conduct the Interview with Your Fictional Characters.

Analyze your essay and start developing the main characters of your fictional story. In his article, Alex Foster wrote, “Take your character and interview them. What do they fear most? What are their ultimate goals, and where are they willing to go to achieve that goal? Do this with all your characters

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