Is Incense Bad for You?


Incense is extensively used to aid in rituals of religious and spiritual significance, in addition to its pleasant scent in the home and meditation areas.

However, recent studies have raised concerns about the health-related risks of incense smoke. This is not just for humans but also for pets like dogs and cats.

According to studies, burning scent releases harmful chemicals and particles into the air. This could inhale and cause respiratory irritations.

These include polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and fine particles (PM2.5). PAHs have been linked with cancer, and PM2.5 may cause heart and lung problems.

Additionally, incense smoke could be a trigger for respiratory illnesses that are already present, like asthma and asthma and bronchitis.

The odor produced by the scent could be hazardous to animals, particularly those suffering from respiratory issues.

Smoke may irritate eyes, noses, or throat and cause coughing or coughing. In the worst instances, it may cause breathing problems or damage the lungs.

As per the American Society for Prevention of the Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), it’s essential to ensure that pets are kept from burning myrrh and that the Incense has been burnt in a ventilated area to minimize exposure to smoke.

It is essential to remember that not all incense is created to be the same. In addition, the type of Incense and the material employed within the incense burner or holder could significantly impact the harmful emissions.

In this case, using a metal or ceramic Incense holder could decrease any harmful particles matter released, compared to an incense holder made of wood.

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Furthermore, some incense is made from natural components and essential oils, which benefit air quality and overall health.

The scent of nature can be an excellent option to refresh the air around your home and give you therapeutic benefits like relaxation, stress relief, and a better mood.

An alternative to the traditional essence is an Incense Waterfall that uses the water flow to cleanse the smoke and release an unharmful, cleaner scent in the air.

This method is an excellent method to reap all the advantages of burning Incense while avoiding the negative consequences that could come with smoking for humans and pets.

Although there is a fact that the burning of essence could release hazardous chemicals and particles into the atmosphere, it’s crucial to be aware your exposure to pollutants is generally low; the risk to healthy people and pets is thought to be very low.

But, for those with pre-existing respiratory ailments or pets suffering from respiratory issues, it’s advised to consult an animal veterinarian or a doctor before the smell of burning.

In general, Incense has been used for long periods and is one of the most popular ways to enhance the ambiance of a space, create a sense of peace, and aid in spiritual practices.

With just a bit of knowledge and precautions, we could continue to enjoy the pleasures of scent without posing any significant dangers to the health of animals and humans.


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It is important to remember that different kinds of aromas are likely to have different emissions levels. For example, some studies have revealed that traditional stick incense has more particles and PAHs than coil or cone incense.

In addition, certain studies have also revealed that some types of Incense, such as sandalwood and agarwood, create fewer emissions when compared to other kinds, such as joss sticks.

Another aspect being considered is the duration of the burn time of Incense. The incense that burns longer releases more smoke and possibly more hazardous chemicals; therefore, choosing incense that burns for a shorter time is essential.

It is also advised to stay clear of burning Incense inside enclosed areas since the smoke may build up and cause the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.

Despite the risk to your health, Incense could be a source of positive benefits.

For instance, studies have proven that the smell of Incense can help boost mood, decrease anxiety and stress and promote relaxation.

In addition, the scent has been used as a part of rituals of religious and spiritual significance throughout the centuries, and many still use it due to its spiritual and cultural value.

In the end, the burning smell releases harmful chemicals and particles into the air. This could harm animals and humans, especially those suffering from respiratory problems.

But you can reduce the risks that could be present and taking steps to minimize exposure to harmful smoke, for example, making use of a cleaner-burning incense and an aromatic waterfall with essential oils and natural ingredients and ensuring that the Incense burns in a ventilated area We can continue to take pleasure in the benefits of scent without significant health risk.

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