Refacing as the Best Kitchen Remodeling Option for 2022

Summer is a great time to remodel your home. It is possible to revamp your kitchen entirely for a very reasonable price. Old cabinets don’t have to be discarded just because they’re dull and worn. With the help of professionals who can turn old kitchens into Instagram-worthy interiors, you can easily breathe new life into them. I contacted Kitchen Magic because I wanted to learn how to upgrade my old kitchen without spending a fortune. Here’s what you can do to refresh your old kitchen:

Create a Budget and a Plan

Create a Budget and a Plan

A budget-driven remodeling plan is essential for every project. In the absence of a well-thought-out plan, your project may be left unfinished or end up completely different than you imagined.

Simply put, you can revamp your kitchen with a few simple renovations that won’t break the bank but will give it a fresh and modern appearance.

Brand new cabinets lack in terms of customization and originality, meaning that you can shop a number of different models only. The selection is very limited, which might make it easier, but you don’t need to spend money on new cabinets if you still love your old ones. You have to limit your remodeling plans due to only a few new cabinet options on the market.

The process of refacing cabinets is different. You can fully customize your cabinets. Your drawers can be customized in many ways, from repurposing or resizing them to altering them to match your needs. Aside from that, you’ll save money compared to buying new cabinets.

With refacing, you can customize your cabinets more and pay less. Choose an affordable option while still standing out. When you choose to reface old cabinets instead of buying new ones that may not match your kitchen design, you get the best of both worlds.

In a way, with refacing, you are recycling your old cabinets and breathing in new life.

Cabinet Refacing

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Keep your current layout while keeping up to date with kitchen refacing. Your old kitchen will look and function better.

The refacing process involves replacing the plywood behind your old cabinets with new plywood and covering them with veneers or laminates that are easier to clean. The real benefit of customizing the theme is that it doesn’t negatively impact functionality. In addition to picking the color and the cover, you can choose new pulls, knobs, and hinges. Due to the reduced material and labor costs, refacing cabinets is much more cost-effective than replacing them. In comparison to a complete kitchen remodel, Kitchen Magic’s refacing services can be completed in one week.

Plus, the cabinet boxes from big-box retailers are often made of MDF, which contains formaldehyde. You can keep more of this hazardous chemical out of the environment if you reface your sound quality, solid wood cabinets rather than replacing them.

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Give It a Try

Give It a Try

Rather than spending a lot on a complete remodeling project, give your existing cabinets a facelift. In addition to providing a better look and better function in your kitchen, custom cabinets can be fully customized.

You can trust a team of experienced professionals to reface your cabinets with care and dedication. When you don’t know or can’t decide between various materials and colors, you can always consult a professional for their recommendations. Adding a new look to your existing elements is possible with refacing. When shopping for new cabinets, you’re unlikely to find a more unique and cost-effective blend of old and new.

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