Everything to Know about Psilocybin and Its Effects

Mushrooms are known for offering psychedelic effects. Not all mushrooms have psilocybin in them, and hence such psilocybin-less mushrooms are used just like regular vegetables for cooking some dishes. However, the fungi mushrooms that have psilocybin in them are used to treat many issues such as depression, pain, and other such issues.


Many that have used psilocybin-rich mushrooms have explained that these “magic mushrooms” have to offer them life-changing effects after taking them. When studies were conducted on the brain cells of such mushroom users after the impact of psilocybin therapy, it was concluded that their statements were not based on the hallucinogenic effects that were offered to them by the psilocybin in mushrooms.

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Many treatments were derived by using these mushrooms as post-procedure remedies. These fungi have the best effects on all kinds of hard-to-treat medical procedures and offer excellent ways of coping with the pain and stress that follows after each procedure.

Research on the Psilocybin Therapy 

The best effect of psilocybin is that it addresses all kinds of conditions that the brain cells are put through during some special procedures. Some of the possibilities that can cause addiction such as alcoholism, smoking, and addiction to narcotics, etc., will be avoided by using these mushrooms.

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Many people that have fallen into the clutches of some kinds of addictions have experienced the best effects after using these mushrooms. The rehab centres that handle the alcoholic, and drug-abusing patients use these mushrooms to treat such illegal substance users, and all these patients have experienced the best ways of getting rid of their addiction in a stress-free way.

Suicide tendencies and depression are the two major issues that psychiatric treatment centres are facing while treating their patients. Studies have shown that a maximum percentage of the patients who visit these treatment centres will be suffering from such suicidal tendencies. Such patients have experienced excellent recovery because of the effects of these mushrooms.

Know about Psilocybin
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Other uses of mushrooms in the medical field are Alzheimer’s treatments, anorexia treatments, and also PTSD. These patients have developed a new hope in their life after getting treated in the respective treatment centres and this is all thanks to the psilocybin mushrooms.

Research on Psilocybin 

The research on the compound and the mushroom started with 27 participants in the case study. These patients were the ones with major depression, anxiety, and also suicidal syndromes. All these patients were not more than 40 years and less than 19 years. The patients were both men and women and also belonged to all races.

The patients were segregated into groups of two and were subjected to a waiting period of 8 weeks with just interventions. Each patient was given two doses of psilocybin in two weeks and the research continued for two years. The further dosage was reduced to once a day and this continued for the next 12 months.

The results of this research showed that there was a gradual decrease in the chances of depression, suicidal tendencies, and all such psychological issues in these patients. Hence, psilocybin was considered the best solution for many psychological issues.

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