How to Pick the Right Moving Company in NYC at Affordable Charges?

It’s quite exciting that you are moving to a new apartment/home in New York. It’s like you’re moving to your dream place, whether with your family or alone, for a job or studies. With the day of relocation getting closer, the only thing that might cross your mind is seeing the lights of the Big Apple. However, put the excitement aside, at least for a bit. You must prepare for relocation. The first thing that you should consider is how you should be moving to New York with all your belongings.

NYC at Affordable Charges

Well, the idea of moving by yourself is also not that bad. At least you can do some parts of it. In case you’re already residing in New York and the apartment is nearby, it won’t be too much of a hassle. However, if the new apartment is quite far away, or you’re moving to NYC from another city, it can be difficult to move completely by yourself. This is because not only there will be delicate items, which need to be handled carefully, but also the risk of damage to your belongings. Given these situations, it is advisable to hire a moving and packing company.

How to Find a Moving Company?

Now that you have decided to hire a moving company to assist you in shifting to New York, it’s important to find movers with experience. New York is one of the largest cities and has many professional moving companies. The biggest question that strikes everyone’s mind is how to pick the right moving company in NYC? The following section will brief some key points that you should keep in mind while hiring a moving company in NYC.

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Key Points to Hire Moving Company in NYC

Company in NYC


It’s important that the moving company you’re planning to hire has a valid license since they would transport all your belongings. Nowadays, there are a few types of frauds who falsely use a company name to rob customers. Some of these fraudulent companies also keep the valuables hostage and then they ask for a certain amount of money. Hence, it’s important that you don’t hire any such fraudulent company. Hence, it’s advisable to hire only a company having a valid license for moving belongings from one place to another.

There are various ways to make sure that the chosen company is not a fraud. One is that you can directly ask the company to show you the documentation that proves the company isn’t fraudulent. Another way is to can check online reviews and feedback to know about the company’s authenticity. These simple steps can help to escape getting robbed and/or damaging your belongings.

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Do the Research on Companies

Pick the Right Moving Company in NYC

After you have found a list of companies providing moving and packing services in New York, it’s time to spend some time researching the details of various companies. A good way to start this is by visiting the website of the moving company. A professional moving company will mention details related to its services etc. on its website. However, there can be chances that a company has just started the business and it still doesn’t have a website.

In such a case, you should talk to the company’s representatives and visit its offices. In case you find that everything looks good, you can hire them. However, if anything looks suspicious i.e. either the company is hiding some facts or isn’t ready to answer your queries, it’s better to look for some other companies.

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Read the Reviews

Pick the Right Moving Company in NYC

Feedback and reviews from previous customers are a great way to find out all about the quality of services a company provides. Usually, professional moving companies offer great services. They have professional people to handle the moving tasks. Moreover, such companies use good quality materials such as packaging materials, moving boxes, etc. so that the valuables don’t get damaged. Though most of the moving companies provide moving boxes, in case they don’t you can yourself purchase high-quality moving boxes in NYC. You can become part of online communities/groups to know more details/reviews of moving companies.

Take Estimated Charges

After that you have filtered out 2-3 companies from the list, it’s important that you ask the companies for estimated charges. Usually, the charges will depend on the moving distance, the volume of items, etc. Hence, it’s important that you give accurate details to the moving company for calculating the estimated charges. After receiving offers from various moving companies, prepare a price comparison.


I,f a company offers a too low moving quote (compared to other moving companies), try to identify the reasons. Because it might be a red flag for a moving scam. On the other hand, if a company’s quote is too high, but it seems the services it offers are top-quality, try to negotiate the price. You should, however, ask the companies to make you a final offer. Moving estimates NYC will give you an idea of total moving costs such that you’ll be able to spare the budget accordingly.

Experience Matters

When it’s about moving and packing company, the number of years of being in moving business matters a lot. Hiring a company which is in a particular line of business for many years will surely be better than hiring a company that has just started the business. Though there can be some exceptions here, however, an experienced moving company will have more knowledge of roads and nearby areas. Hence, if you’re thinking about how to pick the right moving company in NYC if several companies have made you the same offer, go for the company that has more experience among all.

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Consider Time Effectiveness

Apart from safety and costs, another thing that’s equally important is time. In case your rental agreement is about to end or you have put your present house on auction, you might need to shift on an urgent basis. In such scenarios, you should choose a moving company that has available dates and which can help you with the last-minute move.


To conclude, finding a moving and packing company can be quite easy if you follow the important things we mentioned above. The final decision of choosing a moving company will depend on your requirements, moving budget, time availability, etc.

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