Reasons Aircon Freezes and Needs Professional AC Technicians to Resolve

Singapore’s climate is very hot and humid but in some months the temperature outdoor drops to an unbearable point. The air conditioner can freeze up due to outdoor freezing temperature, but some other interior problems can form ice on the air conditioner even in warm months.

The icing issue must never be ignored. The icing on the AC indicates there is a fault in the evaporator coils, gas, filter, motor, fans, etc. These components work in sync with one another. If they fail, the unit starts to reveal issues.


Reasons aircon freezes up and needs professional Singapore AC technicians

Blocked airflow

Ice issue is common because of blocked airflow surrounding the AC system. Your AC is currently installed in a spot where the airflow through the system is limited, which can be the main cause of ice formation on the unit. Airflow can even be restricted if the unit has huge objects that stop the airflow or is not maintained properly.

It is crucial to get the unit serviced regularly to prevent freezing issues and breakdown. The technicians from 7days aircon servicing Singapore inspect the unit during the maintenance process, which prevents problems from suddenly popping up.

Cold temperature

Even though the temperature in Singapore is humid, there are days when the outdoor temperature drops below 18 to 19 degrees. As the temperature outside gets low, the air conditioner can freeze. It is because of the vast differences between the internal and external temperatures.

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The outdoor temperature cannot be controlled but you can do things, which can avoid such freeing issues. Have the Air-conditioner inspected periodically by professional technicians to keep the appliance in top-performing condition? Even during temperature differences, the unit can deal with them properly.

Refrigerant issue

In case of leakage, the gas tank slowly starts getting empty. Low refrigerant gas can cause frost formation. Due to leaks when the gas level drops down, the temperature of the AC system also drops down. The liquid-vapor causes ice to build on the evaporator coil.

Air conditioner freezing can even be because of refrigerant issues. It is just like an air blockage dilemma. Regular checkup of the refrigerant gas level is essential otherwise the issue may surface and worsen the ACs’ performance.

Evaporator coil

The fans consistently work to keep the coil temperature cool that is above the freezing point. The coil temperature drops below the freezing point when the air from the air blower is insufficient. Thus, they start generating moisture that condenses and converts into ice on the coils.

Buildup of debris

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Debris accumulating on the evaporator coils is another reason for frosting. The airflow slows because of debris buildup on the coil. Not leaning the coil reduces its performance capacity. The coil turns too cool, condensates, and the surface freezes and causes blockage in the coil.

Damaged fan

Evaporator unit performance is poor because of defective functioning of air blowing fan. Improper flow of air to the coil can be due to collapsed motor or lose connection.

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Faulty thermostat

The thermostat determines the amount of time the unit takes to cool the space. It regulates the cooling temperature and if it becomes faulty then the unit runs constantly. Ice can build up because the unit runs consistently to keep the space cool.

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When you see frosting, it is time to discontinue the use of an air conditioner and call a professional AC technician!

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