All About the Neurodevelopmental Disorder and The Substance Abuse

It will be surprising for all you people to know that there is some connection between neurodevelopmental disorder and substance addiction. When an individual is looking for a recovery, that is the time when we will understand the exact reason or the cause of this addiction and for this neurodevelopmental disorder. So, here in this article, we are going to get into the details about this problem.

What is a neurodevelopmental disorder?

neurodevelopmental disorder

This disorder mainly occurs due to brain damage caused by various factors resulting in the underdevelopment of certain regions of the brain and the central nervous system. The main areas affected here are memory, emotions, language, and reasons. Some changes do occur in certain regions of the brain, making it difficult for the symptoms to be treated.

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Mentioned below is the list of neurodevelopmental disorders that includes:

  • Autism
  • Depression
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Bipolar
  • ADHD
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Disability in language
  • Poor motor functions
  • Chronic aggression
  • Low emotional intelligence
  • Stuttering
  • Learning disability

How can Addiction be a neurodevelopmental disorder?

neurodevelopmental disorder

It is very wisely said that the environment plays a very important role in developmental disorders. Adolescence is that delicate time of a person’s life when his brain development occurs. That is the time when the brain conveys your feelings, emotions, language, and most importantly your lifelong personality. So, any trauma that is caused at this age, which can be in the form of physical or mental way, the brain can get affected permanently. Addiction is also one resulting cause of this trauma that can affect mood, cognitive function, memory, and many other factors.

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Arrow Passage Recovery is a rehab center in Massillon Ohio, that provides leading-edge Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment. They can help every individual going through an addiction including addiction as a neurodevelopmental disorder. They make sure that the person is happy and comfortable with the treatment.

How to treat this disorder?


Treating neurodevelopmental disorders is a little difficult. It is a chronic condition which means it doesn’t have any cure. However, some methods or therapies can help subdue or control the side effects, making the condition look better.

Therapies: Therapies are better used for adolescents who can’t communicate better with people. This can help to improve the following characteristics in the person like his emotional intelligence, trust among others, and make him more socialistic when it comes to people around him. Every visit that the patient makes to his health provider, the more chances of him getting recovered slowly and gradually.

Medications: There are many medications available on the market for this substance addiction. These are made specifically for those drugs themselves. This method works the best for people who are mentally and physically strong and do not get hampered much by the emotional triggers.

However, the sad part here is medications don’t give a complete cure for this problem. They can address the withdrawal symptoms and make that person recover well from the problem.

As per the studies, addiction has some connection with neurodevelopmental disorder, but it is not yet completely proven. The study on this is still going on. However, remember addiction is something that needs to be taken care of immediately and with no delay in any cases.

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