Top Five Online Marketing Methods for Businesses on a Budget

Running a small business on a tight budget often makes it difficult to invest money into marketing. But you can’t survive and thrive in this very competitive world without marketing of any kind.

Online Marketing

Thankfully, today’s digital era provides various methods to advertise your business without spending a fortune. SEO is one of those tactics that might take some time but produce extremely good ROI in the longer run. You can start by looking for an affordable SEO company online and also use the following methods to get the ball rolling.

Focus on conversions

If you are finding it hard to get visitors to your website, it is important to make the most of the few visitors you get. Visitors to your website need to be told exactly what to do and need to be directed exactly where they want to go. Offer discounts, try different calls to action, and create a sense of urgency by starting limited-time offers. Make sure your website guides visitors to subscribe even if they are not willing to purchase.

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Use Free Social Media to Your Advantage


Social media is probably the easiest and most effective tool for small businesses to attract and engage with existing and new customers. According to data gathered by SCORE (a network of business advisers), 77 percent of all businesses on a budget in the United States are using social media for marketing, customer service, and sales.

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Moreover, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn aren’t just superb for promoting products. Instead, you can these social media websites to spread knowledgeable and useful content and videos that help attract customers and generate traffic. You might be thinking you need a professional to manage all this; well, think again! On a Smartphone? Simply use it to distribute all your content, especially videos.

Provide Coupons and Free Offers

If there’s one thing that instantly attracts a customer to a product, it’s a free offer or a coupon. Discount coupons and user-generated content are among the best ways to engage audiences in today’s digital world. Coupons are an easy and efficient way to draw new customers to your business. Offering a 20 or 30 percent discount on a product could be extremely appealing to a visitor, and with such offers frequently available, future visits can be guaranteed. Moreover, free trials of inexpensive products or services could also attract a bunch of visitors.

Organize Online Contests

Marketing Of Digital Technology Business Concept

Following close behind coupons and discounts are online contests. Research shows that 92 percent of all consumers rely on this type of user-generated content from family and friends as opposed to any other form of brand messaging. It’s inexpensive, fast, and effective, and don’t worry, you don’t need to offer an extravagant and expensive prize to motivate people to participate. Simply use your social media pages to run the contest – you could ask customers to use a personalized ‘hash-tag or share a picture of themselves with one of your products.

Want to take things a step further? Contact another local business and co-sponsor an online contest. This will not only make things more interesting, but it will also give you a chance to cross-promote your business and steer some of their customers your way!

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Connect with YouTube Influencers

Another smart and inexpensive way to promote your small business is to use the brilliant channel YouTube. Finding people that can influence your audience and connect with them will definitely increase the possibility of your products being sold. Here’s how it works – find YouTubers with strong connections to your target audience and provide them with a coupon code for their audience, along with some free products. Lastly, build an effective landing page and you’re all set.

Remember to target influencers with a huge audience that’s mostly comprised of your target customers. Also, go for influencers whose videos and social media platforms have a larger following.


There are different types of digital marketing such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, CPA Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, and Paid Marketing. Digital marketing doesn’t require a huge sum of money. It will require consistency and effort, so come up with an efficient plan. Concentrate on improving your social media platforms, regularly update your website, and most importantly, stay engaged with your customers. It’s vital for small businesses to interact via videos, online promotions, and blogs.

Using the above tips, come up with a solid strategy to target the right audience and send out the perfect image of your business on a budget.

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