Preventing The Outbreak of Pandemic – A Sanitation Guide

The pandemic that has spread around the globe has made it mandatory for all institutions and organizations to keep their premises clean and sanitized. Reopening any business requires a thorough cleaning of every nook and corner of the building, and this is when a janitorial and sanitizing service will be of great help.

A Sanitation Guide

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Cleaning Guide for your workplace

Here are some pointers on how to handle the building cleaning work.

·        Locate the high traffic areas and touchpoints in the buildings

Viruses and bacteria that cause some diseases and disorders in people can spread from many locations, and also for many reasons. Hence, it is suggested to find the touchpoints that experience a maximum percentage of contact of many people per day. The commonly noticed touchpoints in the office buildings include telephones, switches, doorknobs, stair railings, elevator buttons, and so on.

The traffic areas in the commercial space include washrooms, stairs, elevators, reception area, enter and exit points, escalators (if present), and so on. Thorough sanitization of such touchpoints and heavy traffic areas is the first step.

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·        Identify the non-porous areas

A Sanitation Guide

Determining the actual time duration with which the viruses and bacteria can work on any surface will offer a clear picture of the time duration with which any particular area should be cleaned and sanitized.

Studies have shown that the porous areas such as wood, cupboard, paper, etc., can host the disease-causing microbes for 24 hours, and the non-porous areas such as plastic, steel, etc., can host the microbes for 48 to 72 hours. Hence, thorough cleaning of such surfaces accordingly is suggested.

Hiring the janitorial service

You cannot constantly keep an eye on the things that are happening in your building. The best way of maintaining a clean and sanitized environment in the commercial space is by hiring the best janitorial service in your locality. Here are some benefits of hiring cleaning services.

·        They use updated methods of disinfecting and cleaning

The updated version of disinfecting and cleaning has made it easier for the thorough cleaning of any area. The janitorial services will make sure that they use such options to keep any building premises clean and healthy.

·        Frequent cleaning


The janitorial service experts know very well about the time duration in which the disease-causing microbes can multiply and spread. Hence, they make sure that every surface and every space in the building is cleaned and sanitized at frequent time intervals.

The Health and safety of the employers and employees is mandatory in the current condition. With the help of janitorial services, employers can stay assured that their employees and their health is taken care of at the proper level. Hence, hiring one for every commercial space is strongly suggested.

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