Read This Article before Purchasing Your Destin Vacation Rental

Short-term rentals in Destin are in high demand. It indicates that real estate investors will benefit from purchasing Destin Florida condos.

Destin, Florida’s real estate market is booming. Because present inventory cannot meet the rising demand for residences for sales, long-term rentals, and holiday rentals, we may expect a steady seller’s market in Destin, especially in 2022.

In addition, as the tourism industry improves, demand for short-term rentals is likely to rise. If you are looking to invest, Destin Florida condos can be a good choice.

If you have been to the Emerald Coast, then already realize it has plenty to offer visitors of all types. You will never get bored until you prefer to be, with so many activities such as sailing, snorkeling, watercraft rentals, dolphin excursions, fishing, and boating, to mention a few.

 Purchasing Your Destin Vacation Rental

The Gulf of Mexico is a playground that will steal your heart with its pure green water gleaming against the beautiful snow-white fluffy beach.

Before we discuss this any further, let us try to answer a few common questions that most of you must be having in your mind while investing your money in Destin Florida vacation rentals. Emerald Coast by Owner will try to answer you.

Emerald Coast by Owner specifically focuses on the various requirements of renters and owners of vacation houses located on the Gulf Coast.

Should I go for a condo or any single-family home?

If you enjoy lounging on your balcony and enjoying the waves, a beach condo is likely to be your best option. If you want to optimize your cash inflow, you should probably consider buying a house.

You will indeed be able to afford a large house that can accommodate more people and therefore can generally earn better rental revenue if you buy a seaside house.

How much budget should I have?

Unlike your permanent residence, an investment property will almost always require at least a 20 percent down payment from a lender. Investment properties can sometimes be bought as your second home, requiring less money down.

Selecting a local company in the Destin region to get the finest financing alternatives would be your best bet.

How much income is expected?

You will get an accurate idea of what your property could potentially make in a year based on the average rental prices and rental rates for comparably sized rentals in a similar location if you get a forecast from an experienced specialist in the market.

Should I hire any rental company or try to manage it myself?

A property management business is the way to go unless you have got a lot of free time available on your hand. They will manage everything about your rental property, including reservations, phone calls, cleaning crews, and repair and maintenance assistance, among other things.

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What will be the best area for buying?

Your budget will determine the majority of this. A general rule of thumb would be to see the map from Destin to Rosemary Beach, then starting with Destin, the prices climb the further east you go.

If money is not an issue, finding a certain beach community that matches your own style and offers conveniences and fun events that you enjoy is a fantastic place to start.

Vacation Rental

The following things you must consider to ensure that you are buying a profitable Gulf Coast vacation rentals in Destin Florida:


Those pesky items have the power to make or break any purchase and your money account. How much money do you have to spend? When it will come to selecting the ideal property, staying inside your budget is critical for making informed rather than emotional decisions.

It is easy to get swept up when looking at some opulent resort condo with a spectacular view of a gulf, but would it be within your range and can you sell it for a profit?

Out of your pocket expenses

Property taxes and next the condo association fees are the two most expensive factors to consider. Make sure you are aware of the costs connected with both.

Vacation Rental

The following are some of your out-of-pocket expenses:

  • Down payment (usually 25 percent down for investors, however, lower if you want to live there full time), Closing fees might range from $3,000 – $8,000 or even more (based on your price point).
  • Costs of inspection: Ernest Money Deposit ranges from $1,000 to a percentage point of your purchase price, and is usually around $300. This money will be held in escrow until you close when it is either used to cover some of the closing costs or returned to you.
  • Appraisal: The bank will conduct an appraisal for $500 to ensure that the apartment is worth the amount you decided to pay for that too.
  • Property Taxes: Your monthly mortgage includes a prorated portion of your property taxes. HOA fees will not be included and must be paid separately once a month, quarter, or year


The first question you must ask yourself “Which is the best location for buying a rental property?” You must know the aspects that can influence whether a place is ideal for vacation rentals.

Surely, if you intend to rent out the condo as a regular rental, you should select a location that is close to job possibilities.

If you wish to rent your Destin Florida condos, selecting condominiums near tourist attractions is a good option. When compared to those who are not, they tend to draw more visitors and rent for a higher price.

Vacation Rental


Whether you decide to rent out the condo as a typical or short-term rental, amenities are vital. Condos with more luxurious amenities, e.g. gyms and swimming pools, are quite costly.

However, most tenants and visitors prefer to lease a condo having a wide range of amenities, so they are usually well worth the investment.

The more the lease you can charge your tenants, the more facilities you can provide. However, it is something you should think about carefully since if the rate is too expensive, it may be difficult to have your house rented.

Rental income

When deciding whether or not a condo will be a suitable rental investment, it is critical to examine the property’s potential rental revenue.

When looking for condos in Destin Florida to invest in, it is critical to check the analysis to make sure you are getting a good deal.

We hope by reading this article you have got enough food for your thought before investing your hard-earned money in Destin vacation rentals.

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