Spimbey Offering Modern Modularly Designed Classic Backyard Playset

Designed Classic Backyard Playset

Spinney, a revolutionary new modular playhouse for kids is attempting to bring youngsters away from their electronic gadgets and back into the actual world, is now available live on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its first funding goal.

The children of the present day are spending more time sitting before the screens and getting exposed to various harmful materials that can often get escaped even by the strictest of filters.

The present-day children are not aware of what it is like to spend unlimited hours outside of the home. The best memories of childhood can always be traced back to those imaginative worlds that existed at the backyard forts and also treehouses.

To create this experience much more joyful, Spimbey now has designed its new children’s outdoor playset, which is prettier, safer, and also offers a lot more fun.

Designed Classic Backyard Playset

Spinney offers a playset that is modular. Depending on the amount of space available, parents can buy more or fewer components. The classic 3-position swing, the play deck, playhouse, ladder, slide, climbing wall, sandpit, picnic seats, and also many more are among the available parts that can be used alone or in combination.

Spinney comes in a variety of pastel tarps and accessories that can be swapped off easily and come in four different hues. Parents can choose from a variety of entertaining templates or snap-on or off tarps to create different color combinations.

Spinney does not utilize dangerous chemicals for its lumber treatment. The wood will be stained with certain water-based paint and that is naturally rot-resistant. Assembling them is also pretty easy, thanks to various pre-drilled holes, with pre-number as well as pre-cut parts, and pre-assembled parts.

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From start to finish, all the playsets like baby swing outdoor are designed so that they are very easy and quick to assemble by any person with an average IQ within less than an hour.

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Spimbey Offering Modern Modularly Designed Classic Backyard Playset 1

Some of the special features with these Spimbey playsets are:

  • Safety
  • Customizable colors
  • Style like any backyard
  • Can be assembled within less than an hour
  • Fun is guaranteed
  • Lifetime warranty on wood
  • Offers plenty of excitement and fun

Some of the typical playsets are:

  • 3-Position Swing Set
  • Small Playhouse
  • Complete Playset having Unique Wooden Roof
  • Large Playhouse
  • The Play Deck
  • Complete Playset-Large
  • Complete Playset-Small Hut

Designed Classic Backyard Playset 2

Kids are these days are constantly connected only to the digital world with the help of their parent’s phones and tablets. Also, it is very crucial that children must also have their actual physical playtime.

Keeping this point in view Spimbey playsets are specially designed for appealing to their inner thrill and adventurers and also encourage them to leave all their digital world behind. The CEO of the company Mark wants to offer the children something that is very honest and pure that one can get in their backyard.

This can offer the children to have not only a real social interaction but also physical movement, connection as well as climbing activities.

One can visit the website of Spimbey to select the item and place the order online. All the products are backed with a warranty.

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