Storing Your Handmade Jewelry – Some Tips for You

Storing Your Handmade Jewelry - Some Tips for You 1

Owning many jewelry pieces will surely show that you have matching pieces for every piece of clothing that you own. However, owning many jewelry pieces also means that you need to make space for storing them systematically in your jewelry box, or else you may end up with an entangled necklace or an earring missing its match. Hence, finding the best solutions for storing all your pieces of jewelry is necessary to safeguard their beauty and elegance for longer years.

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Designing the jewelry organizers 

Organizing your jewelry pieces is a wonderful way of maintaining the beauty of the jewelry pieces for longer years. You can use these below-mentioned organizers to keep your jewelry pieces safe.

Storing Your Handmade Jewelry - Some Tips for You 4

  • Wooden organizers 

You can alter the wooden utensil organizers into a jewelry organizer by adding some hooks as per the requirement. Place it on the dresser, mount it on the wall or place it inside a drawer, no matter how you wish to store it, the organizer will be the best place for all your pieces of jewelry.

  • Brass Pyramid 
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The brass pyramid jewelry organizer is the best way of arranging everything as you wish and yet makes the unit look beautiful and messy at the same time. You can convert the brass jewelry organizers into either earrings or necklace organizers or both as you wish.

  • Cork Boards 

Cork Boards can become a wonderful addition to your dresser as earrings and necklace organizers. You can add some personal touch ups to these boards and convert them into your jewelry organizer.

  • Tiered Boards 

Your boring tea set can become the tiered jewelry organizer. You can use teapots, saucers, and handlers and convert them into tiered jewelry organizers. Every tier can become your separate organizer of earrings, necklaces, and other such jewelry pieces.

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Storing Your Handmade Jewelry - Some Tips for You 2

  • Picture Frames 

With some hooks or pins here and there, the picture frames can become the earring or necklace organizer for your precious collections. You can easily store your anklets, bracelets, and other such jewelry pieces separately. You can make your own picture frame jewelry organizer with the help of styrofoam, decorative fabrics, and other such decorative items.

  • Cactus Jewelry Holder 

You can choose to design your jewelry holder as per your requirement with the help of some steps available on many websites. Create your cactus-shaped jewelry holder with the help of the right decoration items. Choose the color options of the room décor and create your jewelry holder.

Anything can be converted into a jewelry holder. Old artifacts in your room can become your new jewelry organizers. Use the right methods and decoration items and convert any boring item in your room into a jewelry holder as per your requirement.

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