Tips For Decorating Your Room with Art

The painting and art-world is quite fascinating and today it is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Buyers often bid for art-piece from popular artists. Wall art can enhance the interiors and gives a finished look to any space.

Painting artist Lana Zueva is a New Zealander born in Russia and now a well-reputed artist living in Australia. She became a full-time painting artist at the age of 50. According to her the best and memorable time of her life was when she started learning to paint.

The story of Lana Zueva and her love for art began as a teenager, when she visited Tretyakovskaya Gallery in Moscow. This was her biggest inspiration that encouraged her to become an artist. Guidance by the teachers at the art school made things better for her.

Things to note while getting an art piece as a décor


  • Art can be anything

Anything can be an art piece. No one or no committee will decide what is and is not art. Art can be anything from framing a postcard, concept poster, or a restaurant menu can be used as wall décor.

  • Try it to assure size

Don’t get nervous about the placement. It is necessary to remember that a nail hole is tiny and very easy to spackle if you decide to change the position. Be certain about the placement before you grab the hammer.

  • Everything does not need to be done at once

Filling the entire wall in a week can be pressurizing. Take it slow, making your room look good with collections built over years is something most designers do. If you want to fill your wall in a short time, use magazine cut-outs, posts card, or any other collectible stuff. They look as good as a museum collection. These days, it is easy to shop for paintings online too.

  • Play with frames
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We don’t always get the right frames. Anything on the wall looks worthy with a good frame. Using a mat and a good frame together looks great.

  • Make use of space

Art should not just be used in living rooms or dining areas, there are many corners and overlooked walls where art can do magic. The staircase, laundry rooms, pantry and so many more. If you have a wall dedicated to bookshelves u can hang your artwork on the top.

  • Cover your television with artwork

It is an accessory used for weekend binge watching or late movie nights. Having a tv in the living area is definitely not the most beautiful part of your home. So, why is it the main attraction of the living room? Surround your tv with art work frames or family frames and make the wall more attractive.

  • Use your DIY skills

Trying to get the right art work with the right color scheme can be hard to find. Instead, you are a creative person then work on it yourself. Get a painting brush, canvas and paint what you want. Put your time in the décor and make it special with your DIY skills.

There is a number of other ways to decorate your home with art. Use your children’s art work and old photographs of the elders. Any of your achievements in school. You can frame yours or any family member’s graduation certificates, having handprints of you and your kids on the wall will give a personalized touch and make your home get better.

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