Tips to Attract Domestic Travelers to Your Own Vacation Rental


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Domestic tourism had never been more popular in many parts of the world than what it is going to be in 2021. Marketing to domestic rather than international travelers will be critical to gain a competitive advantage in the coming months.

COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc around the world, and it is especially difficult for vacation rental managers. As bookings plummet and cancellations skyrocket, it is difficult not to become overly pessimistic.

However, what if you shifted your focus from international to domestic travelers? Vacation rental managers can protect their businesses during these difficult times by catering to local visitors who are looking for something right now or who are looking for somewhere to socialize.

There are many condos for sale in Destin and if you are planning to buy any condo and use it for a vacation home, then you need to think of a certain strategy to attract customers after the COVID-19.

In this article, we will discuss how to improve your marketing of vacation rental to target domestic travelers.

1.    Reduce minimum duration of night stay

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Since the summer season is quite close, hence domestic tourists who like to travel this year will prefer short breaks with long weekends to a week or two-week stays. In case your short stay happens to be high for 3 nights or more, or you only accept bookings for weeklong stays, you will struggle to attract domestic visitors.

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Most successful Destin Florida properties are those that offer shorter stays. Reducing the minimum days or nights required for people to stay may result in twice as many bookings.

Domestic staycations are all the rage right now. To appeal to domestic travelers, property owners must adapt their approach. It is incredible what lowering minimum night stay can do for your visibility on booking sites. Reduce your minimum night’s stay and you will appear in a lot more searches.

2.    Flex your cancellation policy

COVID19 suggests that travelers must be more adaptable if their plans change. Therefore, your cancellation policy is critical; many travelers are increasingly looking for residences with flexible cancellation policies.

A filter on several channels suppresses listings with any strict cancellation policy from search results. To attract bookings, we recommend having the most liberal cancellation policy possible.

3.    Lower your notice period for booking

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The number of days needed for the notice you need before a guest will arrive (also called the advance notice period on a few channels) is referred to as the booking notice period. Domestic travelers are frequently on the lookout for a last-minute getaway, so keep your booking period for notice as short as possible to entice impulse buyers.

With a notice of just one day, you can attract many last-minute bookings from your domestic travelers who are quite close to your resort and can get there in a day.

4.    Permit children and pets

If you do not accept children or dogs in your vacation home, it will be difficult to book. Consider who domestic travelers are: parents with smaller children, any couples with a dog, grandparents traveling with young children, households with adolescent children, and so on.

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Because they are now your new target market, it makes sense to offer as much as possible to families. Allowing pet owners to bring their animal pals on vacation rather than paying for boarding kennels will also make things a little easier for them.

5.    Review your amenities

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Guests may choose to cook at home rather than go out to eat, so ensure the kitchen is well-stocked. A good set of silverware, decent crockery, and also cookware, as well as knives, as well as a toaster, kettle, and coffee machine, should be the very minimum.

We propose that you go for the greatest quality that you can afford. Blenders, food processors, weighing scales, juicers, and even your cocktail kit can make all the difference in your kitchen and the delight of your guest.

In holiday rentals of today, WiFi is the most important feature. It is not just for young kids, either: we have all grown accustomed to connecting to the internet from anywhere, and for some, being unable to do so could ruin an otherwise relaxing vacation.

Consider adding Netflix and Amazon Prime also to your amenity list as well. Staying in has become the new going out, hence your visitors will also appreciate being able to catch up on their favorite shows or watch any good movie.

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6.    Lower your damage deposit

Guests are expected to pay the 100% damage deposit before they arrive on the majority of sites that do the booking. People are less willing to pay a hefty damage deposit upfront amid the COVID19 uncertainty, especially for any short break or for a weekend stay. You risk losing bookings to competitor resorts that provide greater flexibility if you have a big damage deposit.

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To make your property more reasonable, we recommend decreasing your damage deposit. Having specialist insurance reduces the need for a substantial damage deposit, making your property more appealing to potential visitors right away.

7.    Mention about beach location

COVID19 has had a substantial impact on traveler behavior, with obvious patterns favoring domestic travel to rural destinations over high-density urban areas forming. If your property is located in or near the beach area, highlight the advantages of this in the listing headline and property description.

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Let potential visitors know everything there is to see and do in the area, including parks, local beauty spots, beaches, woodlands, nature reserves, and open spaces increases the appeal of your home to potential guests


COVID19 has taken the wind out of the sails of property owners. They can, however, set a steady track to gain control of their firm by thinking differently and recruiting domestic travelers. We have observed a large boost in reservations for many travel agencies who follow these suggestions.

You can reap the benefits if you are willing and also able to alter your listings, enhance flexibility, and try to open up your home to domestic travelers.

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