Topographic Surveys – Everything you need to know about Surveying

Having a construction site survey can help you eliminate various obstacles that may arise during the execution of your building project. The surveys are carried out with the help of advanced equipment to provide highly accurate constructional data. These data are beneficial for the successful execution of any construction project.

What is a topographic survey
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Topographic surveys are among such surveys to give a clear and precise picture of your project. It provides an enhanced design and construction decisions making ability. Callidus Surveys in London is an industry-leading and trusted topographical surveyor to facilitate building and land survey services across the UK.

What is a topographic survey?

A topographic survey is a type of land, terrain, or topographical survey that shows the height, depth, size, and location of any manmade or natural features of the land. It is an important component of the design process for a site. It provides a detailed study of the shape and features of any land surface along with their arrangements.

A topographic survey may include –

  1. Boundary lines.
  2. Buildings and structures.
  3. Plantations and vegetation.
  4. Water channels like rivers and ponds.
  5. Ground heights and shapes.
  6. Drainage features.
  7. Other utilities like street benches, street lights, traffic signals, dustbins, and more.

The topographic survey maps are used to accurately review the sites to evaluate whether it supports any design improvement and development on a site or not.

What are the types of topographic surveys?

A topographic survey is divided into various types based on the purpose of the survey and desired output.

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Here are some specific types of topographic surveys.

1. As-Built survey

It ensures that all the construction has been precisely built according to the plan and design. It is used to record all the changes in design that might have occurred during the construction process.

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2. Mortgage survey

A topographical mortgage survey is usually for banks and renting institutions to provide financing purposes.

3. Hydro-graphic survey

It refers to submarine topography which helps to measure and collect information exclusively of any water body and the underwater physical objects.

How is a topographic survey conducted?

The various particulars of a site, provide through a topographic survey, is made possible with the help of a specialized Global Positioning System (GPS) unit, an Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM), and a Total Station Theodolite (TST). They are collectively used to determine the locations of features shown on the plan.

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A topographic survey process includes –

  1. Gathering information like the included geographical area, the level of detail, accuracy percentage, and type of data output required.
  2. Planning the time schedule and pricing.
  3. Gathering survey data on site.
  4. Processing data and preparing the final survey output.
  5. Verification of the survey quality assurance by a senior staff
  6. Delivery of the final survey output to the client.

Why is a topographic survey important?

A topographic survey provides the accurate digital data of the site required by an architect to fulfil the purpose of the survey. A thorough survey of the site is the most important aspect for planning, designing, and construction. Any construction project without a survey may incur costly delays at any stage of the process.

Though there are various surveys involved in a construction project, topographic survey is of most importance for permits and financial loans.

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