Are you Fashion Conscious: Then Try These Wardrobe Design Ideas

Getting confused about what type of wardrobe will match your bedroom designing is a common problem. But only matching the design is not enough. You will also have to keep in mind how frequently you will use your wardrobe. Keeping this in mind, you should always check if the wardrobe you are choosing has enough space or if it is easily operable while also checking its design. Also, choosing a perfect wardrobe can give you other kinds of interior design ideas which may help you with decorating your home.


We have some suggestions about the various types of wardrobe designs which can surely help you with this confusion and clarify your options.

Free-Standing Wardrobes

Freestanding wardrobes are considered to be one of the most basic and traditional types of wardrobes. These are the most common type of wardrobes which can be found in almost every household. These wardrobes are mainly popular because of their versatility. Unlike other kinds of wardrobes, you can move a freestanding wardrobe around a room or a different room in the house easily. They are also known for their durability as well as cost-efficiency. These wardrobes come in various sizes. Freestanding wardrobes are available in metal, plastic, and glass options, although the ones with wood finish are most common.

So if you are more of a traditional type and would like a classic touch to your room, you can always go for a Free Standing Wardrobe.

Walk-In Wardrobes


If you are a person who lives and breathes fashion and likes to buy a lot of clothes, then Walk-In wardrobes are perfect for you. These wardrobes add a subtle touch of luxury to your room and are usually rare when talking about clothing storage. Thus Walk-in Wardrobes can usually be seen in large apartments and big houses. Hanging and storage space can be found on every side of a Walk-in wardrobe. It also may come with a bench in the middle of a chair to one side. These wardrobes come with unique designs, and you can add yours to your bedroom to make it look more sophisticated. Also, you can convert a spare room to a walk-in wardrobe.

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Before taking any step consulting expert interior designers would be the best option. This is a budget option as you will only need to get some shelves and hanging space fitted to the room to make your personalized walk-in wardrobe.

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Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes are usually considered to be old-fashioned, but they can save a great amount of space in your room. Because the doors of these kinds of wardrobes do not need any extra space to open up. These wardrobes can provide more space for your clothes because they are usually built ceiling to floor.

So you can use the space above the hanging area to store boxed boots, blankets, or seasonal clothes. The sliding systems of the doors can vary with each product, and a wide variety of designs are available too. So if you are all about saving space in your room to make it more airy and comfortable, then the Sliding Door Wardrobe is the ideal choice for you which can also provide a contemporary and classy look.

Wall Mounted Wardrobes


If you have a modern approach while designing your house and want your wardrobe to fit right in, then the wall-mounted wardrobes can be the best option for you. True to their name, these kinds of wardrobes are mounted to the wall, so they do not take much space while giving your room a graceful look. The size of the wall-mounted wardrobes can vary. They can be huge as well as small. So you can choose what size will be perfect for your room so that you can have enough space. You can also choose the color and design that will suit your style.

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Hinge Door Wardrobes

Hinge Door Wardrobes are one of the most ordinary designs that have been used for many years. These are a kind of shutter-style wardrobe where the shutter opens directly in front. These wardrobes are very versatile and easily lockable. Available in both handle and handleless designs, Hinge Door Wardrobes need a bit of space in front of it to open the doors fully.

By opening all the shutters, the user can have access to the entire wardrobe. Hinged wardrobes are usually easy to install and easy to move around and can also be fitted into any asymmetric spaces or any L-shaped corner. These wardrobes are also one of the cheapest kind, so if you want a low budget yet comparatively elegant wardrobe, then Hinged Door Wardrobes is perfect for you.

Folding Door Wardrobes

Wardrobe Design

These wardrobes are quite similar to the Hinged Door wardrobe, but the shutter of this kind of wardrobes opens and folds and slides to one side. The shutters of this kind of wardrobe are not lockable. But these wardrobes too can add a modern touch to your room with their attractive color and design.



Armories are a kind of free-standing wardrobes that will give your room a charming vintage feel. These wardrobes are mainly made of wood and are typically huge. Armoires have two doors that can be opened at once. The people who like anything traditional and classic can go for armoires as these are quite pocket-friendly.

Customized Wardrobes

If you are thinking to own a color-coordinated wardrobe, then you can forget about all other options and go for the customized closets. These wardrobes can be made as you wish them to be, which will give you the freedom to spread the wings of your imagination. These wardrobes will be built according to your desired design and space requirement to suit your planned décor.

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Choice of fashion clothes of different colors on wooden hangers

Wardrobes are an essential part of your house, and if you are a fashion-conscious person, then the importance of a good wardrobe to you is much greater. The perfect wardrobe can not only help you keep your clothes accordingly, but also will improve the overall look of your room. Based on your budget and style, you can choose the kind of wardrobe which will suit you and provide enough space for your clothes.

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