Different Types of Offices You Can Find These Days

As we are technologically progressing, the concept of office space is also constantly evolving over the last few years. The concept of traditional offices that we have been so much used to is no longer a reality.

Private office
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If you just pay a visit to the at oneavenuegroup.com/london-bridge/ website you will notice that in the city of London itself, you will find a variety of office spaces with many different facilities and comfort.

Let us discuss in this post a few different types of offices that are gaining popularity among present-day business professionals.

Private office

Private offices are available in all sizes that can accommodate from a single person to 100 people. They are lockable rooms and are rented exclusively to an individual business entity.

These offices provide a confidential, secure, and quiet space to work and one can leave their belongings, and also join the various professional community.

Such offices are a cost-effective way to rent commercial space as businesses only need to pay for the floor space.

Serviced office

Such office spaces will be managed by an onsite service team.

There will be the following facilities:

  • A dedicated receptionist
  • Mail-handling
  • Phone-answering and PA facility
  • Secretary services.

There will be flexible billing and an easy leasing option. Such offices are suitable for people who need additional reception and administration support.

Virtual office

A virtual office will offer you all types of services of any managed office but without any physical space. This kind of office is generally preferred by freelancers and professionals. For people who prefer to work from home, this can be an ideal option.

Virtual office
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A virtual office will provide:

  • A business addresses
  • Call handling and reception services
  • Mail delivery facility

There is no need for any physical office space and a meeting room can be hired. This is the most affordable option.

Shared space

There can be two or more businesses sharing a commercially leased workplace in shared office space. More commonly such space is used when the tenant of any privately leased office will rent out their unused space to some other business.

Thus, both parties can benefit from sharing all the costs of:

  • Rent
  • Bills
  • Overheads
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Enterprise suite

An enterprise space can be a type of well-managed office space that can be customised to suit the requirements of larger teams. It is a coworking or serviced office type.

Many people may associate coworking spaces with a certain concept that is suitable for:

  • Start-ups
  • Freelancers
  • Individual creatives

As we are now living in a new era where most people want to start a certain business as a startup company. Even larger companies have also started noticing this trend. There is a wealth of benefits with such dynamic workspaces.

Enterprise suite
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As you have seen some of the varieties of office spaces that are preferred by different kinds of businesses.

However, in the UK, office hub is still a popular option for having an office space. As such office spaces offer many different services and also workplaces are also located in convenient locations.

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