Vex the Virus: 5 Tips to Fight the Flu in 2023

Influenza: we’ve all had it and wish we never have it again! From the fervent fever to the seriously sore throat, the aches, the pains, and the nose that is more akin to a busted tap, influenza is one of the ultimate downsides to what can already be a pretty long Aussie winter.

But there are methods for fighting dreaded influenza, and a combination of which can help you prevent the onset of this nasty virus.

Let’s take a look at five imperative tips for fighting the flu in 2023:

Vex the virus

1. Get vaccinated

Because the best Afluria Quad flu vaccine is just one of the ways you can fight off influenza for the coming winter. Seriously, too many Australians put off receiving their influenza vaccinations, when it is ultimately one of the best ways to keep from getting ill in a disastrous annual season of sickness.

What’s more, the nature of the vaccination changes annually, so it’s essential to keep updating it to ensure your body has its bolsters up against influenza. But remember, it takes a couple of weeks for the vaccination to take effect, so it’s best to get it before they call it a month or so before the onset of winter, just to be sure that you are boosting your defenses against this nasty illness!

2. Avoid the big crowds

We’re not here to tell you how to live your life, and you shouldn’t have to go around avoiding crowds and fun events just out of influenza fear. But, if you’re susceptible to nasty bouts of influenza or could be at heightened risk of further ailment, then perhaps it is best to avoid the large crowds when the season really kicks in.

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3. Stay hygienic

We’ve been told this since we were kids, so we really don’t have to go too much into this one, but continue to wash your hands! This is especially so for the winter, fluey months, when the germs are floating about like a paper bag in the wind and the very last thing you want are hands that have become human Petri dishes.

So, be sure to wash your hands with warm, soapy water, especially after coming into contact with anyone who appears unwell!

4. Work on your immune system

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is great for many things: longevity, physical and mental well-being, and personal relationships, and it’s also great for keeping illnesses like influenza at bay! Why? Because a healthy immune system is one that is more able to fight off common colds and infections, so this means limiting your intake of unhealthy foods, alcohol, and cigarettes, and doing so whilst maintaining an active lifestyle that includes 30 minutes of exercise at least three times a week.

Finally, be sure to get plenty of sleep during the winter period, as this further grows a healthy immune system!

5. Keep your surfaces clean!

Surfaces like kitchen benches and tables are a great place for bacteria to form, and this is especially so if an unwell person has come into contact with them (or worse, sneezed all over them!).

Not everyone is as mindful about the health of others and this is especially true when they are already in that selfish sick stage, so be sure to be mindful of a sick family member or housemate making a laboratory experiment out of your kitchen table and be sure to ask them to wipe it down if they’ve coughed all over it (because you shouldn’t have to do it after them, obviously!).

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