What Is The Role of Alcohol in Domestic Abuse Crimes?

What Is The Role of Alcohol in Domestic Abuse Crimes1

Taking too much alcohol can weaken the judgment of a person, affect cognitive responses, and lower inhibitions. According to statistics, 55% of partner violence cases are associated with alcohol consumption. In this article, you can learn how alcohol consumption is connected to domestic violence crimes.

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About domestic violence

Domestic violence is defined as an abusive or dominant behavior of an abuser over the victim. Irrespective of age, gender, race, or religion anyone can become a domestic violence victim. An abuser will make use of different strategies to remain their partner in the relationship, such as:

  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Economical abuse
  • Psychological abuse and others

About alcoholism

Alcoholism or AUD (alcohol use disorder) is defined as continuous use of alcohol without thinking of its adverse effects. Alcohol addiction is a psychological affliction, whereas alcohol dependence is physical.

Causes for alcohol addiction

Alcohol or substance addiction can rewire the brain and makes you rely on it to produce neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which creates inhibitions loss or high. This can lead to behaviors like domestic violence. Various factors affect AUD, including:

Environmental factors – Individuals who live near breweries, clubs, and bars are more open to having alcohol. Also, people with disposable income and childhood trauma are more prone to alcohol consumption.

Psychological factors – How you cope with the situations and challenges in life may influence the behavior. For instance, a person with anxiety, mental conditions, and other health conditions is more prone to substance addiction to suppress those emotions.

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What Is The Role of Alcohol in Domestic Abuse Crimes4

Alcoholism symptoms

  • The decline in hygiene and health
  • Slurred speech
  • Red eyes
  • Poor coordination
  • The connection between domestic violence and alcohol

The married couple often deals with various stressors like internal, career, or external stressors. A few of them work through it, while others lost their feelings. Excessive drinking of alcohol also stresses the marriage. Mostly, domestic violence happens when the married couple deals with mental health problems and alcohol addiction.

According to studies on domestic violence and alcoholism, nearly 2/3rd of victims reported that the abuser is under alcohol influence during the time of the crime. Taking alcohol affects negatively physical and cognitive abilities, reduces self-esteem, and leads to conflicts in your relationships.

Children who witness domestic violence may also tend to alcoholism. Various signs warn about the abuse in kids. They include fear, age-inappropriate information on sex-related topics, disrespecting boundaries, bedwetting, and others.

Alcoholism and domestic violence impact the life of the victim, family, friends, and others. These days, you can find a range of rehab centers to help people with addiction. They provide personalized treatment plans depending on the client’s needs to help them in achieving sobriety.

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