Why Charlotte Residents Love Their City

Everyone who lives in Charlotte seems to think their city has it all and with everything the city has going for it, they’re right to think so. Not only is it one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, but it’s also considered one of the best places to live throughout the country. Since it’s never one thing that makes a city so special, what has everyone looking at Charlotte Houses for Sale?



Some might say it’s the weather and all the job opportunities, and while those are correct, the list of amazing things about Charlotte doesn’t stop there. If you’ve been curious about what else makes it a great place to live, here’s what else the locals love about Charlotte.

How Welcoming It is

Given how many cities there are within the 50 states, the fact that Charlotte is ranked as the ninth most diverse is nothing to look past. That means whatever your background is, you will find happiness and success here in Charlotte. People of all cultural backgrounds will find their place here and it’s also just as welcoming to those moving to the United States from another part of the world.

Everyone here realizes that diversity is a strength for the city and is a major player in what has made the city so successful in the first place. It can’t be understated how much the city’s welcoming nature will also be a keystone in its success for decades to come.

That Small Town Feel


Part of what makes it feel so welcoming is that, while there’s a population of over 800,000, much of the city still retained its small-town personality. It wouldn’t be fair to overlook the general southern hospitality you’ll find everywhere in the region, but it is also important to say it seems to be all the friendlier once you enter Charlotte in particular.

Don’t think the tight-knit community means there are no big city amenities, however. When living here, you’ll literally have the best of both worlds. Any convenience you might expect you have will be seemingly right around the corner making your city life feel like a breeze. Be it restaurants with the latest culinary delights or stores carrying the latest fashions, it’ll all be here.

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The Nature

There are plenty of things that are going to bring someone to the city. They might be moving for a job, family, or even for the house of their dreams. Whatever the reason is, everyone is also going to be thrilled with how much outdoor recreation they’ll be able to enjoy. No matter how you love to get your summer outdoor fix in, it won’t be more than a short drive away.


Everyone knew to the city ought to make a visit to both Lake Wylie and Lake Norman respectively. Both are going to be able to offer a great time whether you love kayaking or if you prefer to hike the trails. For the hikers, there’s plenty to see on foot when visiting either lake.

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