Dental Crowns: Why You should Receive One after Root Canal

Root canal that terms that strikes fear in the hearts of people who simply haven’t been to the dentist in a few years. Medical advancements have made receiving a root canal virtually pain-free, and when you consider the outstanding benefits it provides to your oral health, it is really something that should never be overlooked!

Upon successful root canal treatment, your dentist may recommend that you receive a dental crown on your tooth. This will provide many benefits, including strengthening your tooth in the long run.

Here, we will look at why receiving a dental crown may be one of the best things for your tooth post-treatment:

Dental Crowns

1. It helps strengthen the tooth

The best dental crown Prahran has will help strengthen your tooth. Root canal treatment can weaken the tooth enamel, as the root’s passage becomes exposed to minerals and chemicals in the saliva and from the different things we consume throughout the day.

Your dentist will have to create a hole in your tooth to remove the infection, and this can, of course, weaken the tooth. As such, a dental crown will be placed on top of the tooth to strengthen its enamel and maintain its integrity.

2. It can help prevent ongoing decay

One of the ultimate benefits of this post-treatment appendage is that it prevents the risk of further decay. They are made from an artificial material that is difficult to succumb to decay, meaning the tooth’s healthy part will be protected from nasty bacteria.

So, if you have had to receive root canal because of decay, the last thing you would want is the risk of this happening again – it will only result in another trip to the dentist’s chair! As such, this is a great way to protect your tooth after you received this imperative treatment.

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3. It can match your tooth’s colour

The porcelain option is designed to match the individual’s tooth colour. This makes them ideal for matching with your pre-existing teeth. They will align well with your other tooth and provide a natural aesthetic, meaning no one will be able to tell you have even had the procedure! Patients typically report being extremely happy with their tooth aesthetic after receiving this cap.

4. They are stain-resistant

For people who worry about receiving treatments such as these, they can relax with the knowledge that a cap is incredibly stain-resistant and designed to withstand its aesthetic despite any environmental discolouration.

Porcelain caps are highly stain-resistant, making them durable against natural tooth discoloration that occurs throughout lifetime. You can have the peace of mind that your work is going a long way to maintaining your general oral health and aesthetic!

5. They are seriously durable

Dental crowns are one of the best investments as they not only provide enhanced oral protection, but they renowned for being one of the longest lasting oral treatments. They can easily last 15 years with proper oral hygiene.

So, if you’re someone who worries about one of these treatments not standing up to the test of time, you can trust that this is one that will maintain its integrity for many years to come!

As you can see, receiving a cap after root canal is one of the best ways to maintain your dental ongoing integrity. Furthermore, it is designed to match your tooth’s colour and even enhance your oral aesthetic, with recipients reporting that they are happy with their smiles with the new cap in place!

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