Your House Is Telling You to Get It Repainted

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The first impression is the best one. The exterior of the house forms the first impression not only of the house, but also of you, on your guests and on potential buyers. The most important and possibly the only changeable feature of the exterior of your house is the paint of the house. The potential of a house paint should never be underestimated.

Since paints are proven to determine the mood of individuals, the paint at your house must make you feel revived and rejuvenated. Your exterior of the house is subject to uneventful weather conditions, pollution, sunlight etc. All these cause the wear and tear of the paint and ultimately, you would want a new paint job for the house.

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Signs that your house is begging for a new paint job

1 Peeling or cracking paint– peeling and cracking paint is the first sign that you should get a new paint job. If the exteriors of the house have started to show some chipping and flaking, this means that the elements of the paint have taken a toll on the weather and other conditions.

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Since the paint is peeling, the materials which lie underneath is are no longer protected and this is a bad sign because it can lead to mould and mildew or even dry rot.

2 Cracks in caulk– caulk is made to seal the joint between surfaces and keep them protected from any type of damage. Cracking in the caulks can occur over time and when the caulk loses its elasticity, it is no longer capable of doing its job. There is a major role of caulks in repainting the home because it improves the life of the paint.

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If the caulk starts to wear, this is a sign that you must get the house repainted. This also means that you should get the house recaulked.

3 Fading paint – with the marches of time, paint fades by the beating of the sun’s UV rays which breathe bonds in the molecules of the paint. the colour may last long if your house is in a continuous shade. Dark colours fade much quicker than light colours so while getting the exteriors painted, it is advisable to get light paint.

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If you want to maintain the aesthetics of the house, then timely painting is a must. Not only does it ensure the look of the house, but it also ensures that the house is not damaged.

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